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Slip & Slide Kickball

What you need:

-Four 3’x50’ plastic drop cloths

-Four circle kiddie pools

-Tarp stakes (about 18-20)

-Dish soap or laundry detergent (4-8 bottles)

-A kickball

-Spray paint

How to build it:

Lay out your plastic drop cloths that will serve as your baselines.

Once the tarps are laid out, put your kiddie pools at the end of the tarps as your bases.

*Optional: If you want to make the game a little safer, you can consider placing some carpet or cardboard under the tarps to make sliding and falling a little softer. If you are limited on supplies or funds, then you can just put it near the bases, which is generally where most of the sliding occurs anyway.

Use your tarp stakes to nail down the tarps to keep them from moving around too much. Be sure to nail them down deep into the ground and check them occasionally so they don’t come above the surface. This could put an unfortunate end to the game if someone accidentally fell on one.

Now you just need to add water and soap.

Fill up the pools completely. (Keep the water hose close to the game since a lot of water is going to be splashed out during the game.)

Add the laundry detergent or dish soap to the baselines and rub it in to make them as slippery as possible.

If you want to make it a legitimate field, then you can spray paint home plate and the pitcher’s mound.

How to play:

The best part about kickball is that you can pretty much make up your very own rules. But if you would like to go by the basic rules they are:

Team 1 is out in the field; while Team 2 is kicking.

The pitcher for Team 1 will roll the ball to a kicker for Team 2.

When the kicker kicks the ball, they will run toward 1st base and slide in the kiddie pool.

Team 1 will try to field the ball and get the runner from Team 1 out by hitting them with the ball.

That process is repeated until the lineup goes from top to bottom, or until three outs are made. Then the teams will switch.

Hopefully this will give you a great time with friends/family on a warm summer day!

Enjoy =)

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