Build Your Own Washers Game

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If you’ve never played washers before, then this summer is a great time to start! This fun game is played using two boxes with a piece of PVC pipe in the middle. The instructions are simple: The boxes are set 21′ apart and the rules are simple: toss the washer into the other box. You get 3 points for each one in the PVC cup and one for each one in the box. You play against another person or team and at the end of each round (both teams throw 4 washers) only one team gets points. If both teams score equally, they cancel each other out.

It is a great backyard game or tailgating game and is VERY simple to make.

Here’s what you need:

1- 2″x4″ at 12′ long (or 2 @ 6′)

2- 17″x17″ squares of plywood

Finishing nails



4″ Round PVC pipe (in the plumbing section at your hardware store)

Rope for the handle


Building Process:

Step 1: Take your 2″x4″ and measure 17 inches.

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Step 2: Take your miter saw (or the same can be done with a hand saw and miter box) and cut the piece at a 45° angle. There are two tricky things about this: the angle should be on the 2″ side of your board. And your angled cuts should be towards each other, sometimes woodworking directions will call this not parallel. The long side of your piece should still be 17″ when you are done. You will have to do this 8 times… these will be the sides of your box: 4 for each box.

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Step 3: When you have all 8 pieces cut, you will need to join them into a box. Each 45° angle should match up to another one so that you will form a 4″ tall box. To do this, I used wood glue first. You want enough to join but not so much that it squeezes out)

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Step 4: Then put the two pieces together and secure it with a couple of nails.

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Step 5: While that glue is drying, its time to cut your plywood into squares. Plywood, the cheapest. Then you cut it into 17 inch squares using a circular saw.

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Step 6: Cut down your PVC pipe. Cut it down to 3″.

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Step 6: Now its time to put it all together. Use a nailgun to secure the piece of plywood to my square. And although it looks like its attached in the picture below, DON’T glue on your PVC pipe yet!! Because, it is time to paint! You can spray painted them white but you can really make it any color you want.

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Step 7: And that is how you build your own set of washers!

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Time to Play!


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