Red, White, and Blue Bandana Flag Wreath Craft

Flag Wreath 1
Decorating your home for the 4th of July is no surprise that you would have a Red, White and Blue Bandana Flag Wreath on your front door! You might even go a bit overboard with table decorations and red, white & blue salt shakers or any other decoration throughout your home! This Red, White, and Blue Bandana Wreath is super simple to make and does not require any sewing! Here’s what you will need:
  • 6 red bandanas
  • 6 blue bandanas
  • 6 white bandanas
  • Scissors
  • 18 inch metal mesh wreath’
  • Hook to hang it
  • Crafting stars
Flag Wreath 2

Here’s how to make:

First, start by cutting all of your bandana colors in half. The have a crease in the center so it’s easy to run your scissors along the line to cut them.

Flag Wreath 3
Start with the red and white bandanas first. You will kind of roll up the bandana longways and create a loop around the wire wreath and then pull the ends through the loop you just made. The ends of the bandana will be facing the outside of the wreath as shown in this photo. Continue doing this while alternating the red and white colors until you have added all of them to the wreath.
Flag Wreath 4
Flag Wreath 5

Now do the same steps above but with only the blue bandana strips you have left.

I decided to add stars to my wreath. I added those self sticking foam stars that sparkle. This will go on my front door and it won’t be in the weather so it should be fine. You can find some star buttons or metal stars at the craft store if you prefer to use those instead. You will need to glue them on with a glue gun.

Flag Wreath 6
Once you’ve completed your wreath and added all your stars, it’s time to hang it! Now go back and trim down the ends of each bandana that were sticking out. They are too long and droop a bit. Trimming them helps!


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