Woody’s is getting rave reviews from all 50 States for the way they treat their customers with kindness and respect, like a neighbor or friend.  Also for the having the best  price up front, no hassles or pushy salespeople. For finally making the car buying experience enjoyable. Here’s a sample of some of the accolades Woody’s is receiving from their customers.

Katherine Mccormick

Lone Jack, Missouri, Dodge Challenger, Customer Says “Five Stars! Terry McCollum was great! No pressure of the sale which is a nice change.” 🎉

Sidar Caceres

St. Joseph, Missouri, Chevy Camaro, Customer Says “Five Stars! Good Deal!” 🎉

Randall Anderson

Braymer, Missouri, Nissan Altima, Customer Says “Five stars on all staff!” 🎉

Terry Chrystal Mayfield

Drexel, Missouri, Ram 1500, Customer Says “Great experience, easy to work with. We will definitely come back for our next purchase!” 🎉

Scott Miller

Chillicothe, Missouri, Mercedes-Benz, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Corey Amanda Gott

Trenton, Missouri, Ford Explorer, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Andrea Dalrymple

Trenton, Missouri, Jeep Renegade, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Sherri Mark Miller

Macon, Missouri, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Customer Says “Polly is the best, awesome experience!” 🎉

Matthew Krick

Torrington, WYOMING, Ford Mustang, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Dearl Linda Moore

Dawn, Missouri, Ram 2500, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Alexandria Wiedmaier

Maryville, Missouri, Ford Escape, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Samyel Ward Jr

Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Chrysler 300, Customer Says “TEN Stars! Awesome Job!” 🎉

Mark Pettit

Jamesport, Missouri, Ram 3500, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Jeffrey Mollohan

Meadville, Missouri, Dodge Journey, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Adam Nicole Baker

Maysville, Missouri, Chevy Tahoe, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Scott Tammy Neil

Meadville, Missouri, Dodge Journey, Customer Says “Jeff Henderson and Scott Cooper are awesome!” 🎉

Lloyd Julie Kelley1

New Cambria, Missouri, GMC Siera, Customer Says “Five Stars! Polly is a great sales person, very personable.” 🎉

Justin Waltz

Brookfield Missouri, Dodge Dart, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

David Tamara Hessenflow

Chillicothe Missouri, Ram 3500, Customer Says “Five Stars! It was a good experience and we will be back for another vehicle!” 🎉

Harry Mary Frock

Bosworth Missouri, Ram 1500 Customer Says “Five Stars! Polly has always been there to help us!” 🎉

Brett Hodges

Lee’s Summit Missouri, Ford Expedition, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Tucker Cooper

Brookfield Missouri, Ford Fusion, Customer Says “Man, do I love Woody’s! Boy, oh boy! That Scoop guy changed my life! Nothing but smiles as soon

George Bausch

Huntsville Missouri, Chevy Silverado, Customer Says “Five Stars!” ????

Jeremy Phillips

Cole Camp Missouri, Ram 2500, Customer Says “Five Stars! We are very pleased, thanks!” 🎉