Woody’s is getting rave reviews from all 50 States for the way they treat their customers with kindness and respect, like a neighbor or friend.  Also for the having the best  price up front, no hassles or pushy salespeople. For finally making the car buying experience enjoyable. Here’s a sample of some of the accolades Woody’s is receiving from their customers.

Laura Hansen1

Elk Horn, IOWA, Nissan Juke, Customer Says “Five Stars! Jeff Henderson was great!” 🎉

Christopher Mandi Mudd

Monroe City, Missouri, Chrysler Pacifica, Customer Says “Five Stars! Very personable and polite. Jeff Henderson seems like a great guy!” 🎉

Caleb Clements

Cameron, Missouri, Ram 1500, Customer Says “Four Stars!” 🎉

Bethany Eric Richardson

Batesville, ARKANSAS, Ford Flex, Customer Says “Five Stars! Polly Applebury and Neva Olson were awesome in the store and helped us feel comfortable. Scott Copper

Alyssa Dougan

St. Joseph, Missouri, Jeep Cherokee, Customer Says “Five Stars!”????  

Todd Mason Schroeder

Macon, Missouri, Jeep Renegade, Customer Says ” Five Stars! Excellent Service” 🎉

Kent Koehn

Jamesport, Missouri, Ram 1500, Customer Says ” Five Stars!” 🎉

Jerome Janna Barton

Winston, Missouri, Pontiac Vibe, Customer Says ” Five Stars!” 🎉

Donald Mcewen

Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Volvo XC60, Customer Says ” Five Stars! Easy purchase, thanks!” 🎉

Andrea Poppinga

Fort Dodge, IOWA, Ford Taurus, Customer Says ” Quick, easy, in and out buying. They worked with us to make this a great buying experience

Glenn Dickson (1)

Chevy Impala 🎉

Gary Nancy Salmon

Gallatin, Missouri, Chevy Traverse, Customer Says “Five Stars! Jeff Henderson was a very informative, personal, and professional. He answered our questions thoroughly. He is a

Derek Messner

Coffeyville, KANSAS, Ram 3500, Customer Says “Polly and Neva are a great team! Great to deal with! Very friendly and down to earth people! Great

Daniel Gimse

St. Joseph, Missouri, Fiat S500 🎉

Dallas Russell

Braymer, Missouri, Chevy Malibu 🎉

Beth Tavolacci

Holland, MICHIGAN, Ford Edge 🎉

Alex Crane

Chillicothe, Missouri, Chevy Silverado🎉

Alan Julie Bloomfield

Bloomfield, IOWA, Ford F-150🎉

Rose Paalhar

Brookfield Missouri, GMC Acadia, Customer Says “Excellent Job!!”🎉

Mitchell Amanda Riley

Gallatin, Missouri, Chevy Impala, Customer Says “Thank you Jeff Henderson!”🎉

Greg Griesbach

Chillicothe, Missouri, Buick LaCrosse, Customer Says “GOAT!” 🎉

Gary Shellie King

Gallatin, Missouri, Chevy Tahoe, Customer Says “Five Stars!”🎉

Dolores Reynolds

Breckenridge, Missouri, Jeep Renegade, Customer Says “Five Stars!”🎉

Michael Karen Houk

Mercer, Missouri, Cadillac SRX, Customer Says “Jeff Henderson is an outstanding sales person, friendly and courteous at all times. Thank you Jeff!”🎉