Woody’s is getting rave reviews from all 50 States for the way they treat their customers with kindness and respect, like a neighbor or friend.  Also for the having the best  price up front, no hassles or pushy salespeople. For finally making the car buying experience enjoyable. Here’s a sample of some of the accolades Woody’s is receiving from their customers.

Angela Lyndon Mcatee

Trenton, Missouri, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Deborah Zarate

Fayette, Missouri, Toyota Camry, Customer Says “Five Stars! Awesome service, personal, Terry McCollum was honest and very helpful. I will do business here again with

Janice Dawn Shorthose

Lake Ozark, Missouri, Dodge Charger, Customer Says “Five Stars! Very friendly and great service!” 🎉

Shawn Pittman

Olathe, KANSAS, Infiniti G37, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Chris Luts

Pearl River, LOUISIANA, Pontiac G8, Customer Says “Seamless sale, knew the car I wanted and found it here. Thanks to Terry McCollum for the no

Kari Rodney Keller

Chillicothe, Missouri, Dodge Journey, Customer Says “Five stars! Thanks Jeff Henderson, great job!” 🎉

Brenna Anthony Raynon

Kirksville, Missouri, Jeep Compass, Customer Says “Five Stars! This is the second vehicles I have purchased from Scott Cooper. He is always a pleasure to

Patty Evan Michael

Alma, Missouri, Ford Fiesta, Customer Says “Five Stars! Did well, very pleasant, worked easily with us. Good people!” 🎉

Kolby Reeder

Hamilton, Missouri, Dodge Journey, Customer Says “Five Stars! Jeff Henderson was very easy to work with. We came in on a Saturday with no appointment

Robert Henderson

Laredo, Missouri, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Randall Rose Gatton

Gallatin, Missouri, Ram 2500, Customer Says “Very helpful and Jeff Henderson went out of his way to help us understand the paper work.” 🎉

Paul Thomas

Chillicothe, Missouri, Jeep Wrangler, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Michelle Blomberg

Phoenix, ARIZONA, Mercedes Sprinter, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Karen Edmund Meador

Napoleon, Missouri, Ram 1500 🎉

David Amanda Elliot

Bosworth, Missouri, Jeep Compass, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Brian Traci Peters

Chillicothe, Missouri, Cadillac XTS, Customer Says “Five stars, amazing service!” 🎉

Ashley Jayson Morey

Warrensberg, Missouri, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Alexander Linda Willis

Overland Park, KANSAS, Chrysler Pacifica, Customer Says “Five stars! Excellent treatment!” 🎉

Debbie Player

Chillicothe, Missouri, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Customer Says “Today I bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee from Woody’s Automotive in Chillicothe. The wonderful, fun ladies I worked

Allen Walz

Jefferson City, Missouri, Land Rover Discovery 🎉

Charles Hickman

Lincoln, ARIZONA, Ram 3500, Customer Says “Five Stars! Cory Huffmon is very friendly and helpful!” 🎉

Julie Christopher Murphy

Fulton, Missouri, Ford Fusion, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Mark Angela Stewart

Corydon, IOWA, Chrysler Pacifica, Customer Says “Five Stars! Cory Huffmon done very well in trying to get us the payment we needed and the best

John Robin Lower

Helena, Missouri, Jeep Liberty, Customer Says “Five Stars! Cory Huffmon was very friendly and informative.” 🎉