Woody’s is getting rave reviews from all 50 States for the way they treat their customers with kindness and respect, like a neighbor or friend.  Also for the having the best  price up front, no hassles or pushy salespeople. For finally making the car buying experience enjoyable. Here’s a sample of some of the accolades Woody’s is receiving from their customers.

Mark Jennifer Chrisman

Green Castle, Missouri, Chevy Tahoe, Customer Says “Five Stars! Really nice young man, we owe him a dollar!”

Christian Grebner Kaitlyn Watson

Maysville, Missouri, GMC Terrain, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Dwight Megan Dekam 2 (1)

Cameron, Missouri, Ram 1500, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Kevin Amanda Wynne

Coffey, Missouri, Chevy Malibu, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Brian Debrah Hudnall

Kirksville, Missouri, Chevy Impala, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Larry Abshier

New Hampton, Missouri, Harley Davidson 1200 Sport, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Mark Pamela Brown1

Chillicothe, Missouri, Dodge Durango, Customer Says “Five Stars! As long as we are buying vehicles and Jeff Henderson is at Woody’s we’ll keep returning! I’m

Alexander Miller Travis Schuebel

Savannah, Missouri, Honda Pilot, Customer Says “Five stars, we had a great experience! Thanks for being so patient with our two girls!” 🎉

Joseph Debra Long

Paris, Missouri, Dodge Challenger, Customer Says “Five Stars! I did not come to trade, but I ended up trading anyways.” 🎉

Taryn Dustman Zach Douglas

Chillicothe, Missouri, Ford Explorer, Customer Says “Five Stars! Very Helpful!” 🎉

Wes Megan Bowen

Springfield, Missouri, Toyota Sienna, Customer Says “Scott Cooper was outstanding. He provided great customer service, was honest, and helpful. I will definitely recommend him to

Corrina Wires

Princeton, Missouri, Dodge Journey, Customer Says “Jeff Staton ‘Coach’ is great to work with for a new vehicle! Thank you and five stars!” 🎉

Stacey Tristan Christopher

Lathrop, Missouri, Chrysler 200, Customer Says “Five Stars! No issues and good people!” 🎉

Kaydee Busse

Meadville, Missouri, Chevy Cruze, Customer Says “Scott Cooper helped so much in helping me make my first ‘big girl purchase.’ I highly recommend Scott and

Kevin Jamie Davis

Powersville, Missouri, Jeep Wrangler, Customer Says “Four and a half stars!” 🎉

Kelli Mcpherson

Brookfield, Missouri, Dodge Journey, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Chelsi Green

Chillicothe, Missouri, Mercury Mountaineer, Customer Says “Five Stars!” 🎉

Chad Christie Gooch

Browning, Missouri, Buick Encore, Customer Says “Five stars! Nice friendly service!” 🎉

Brandy Mccoy

Hamilton, Missouri, Chevy Camaro, Customer Says “Five stars! Thank you, awesome!” 🎉

Timothy Schweder

St. Joseph, Missouri, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Customer Says “Five Stars! I really enjoyed Jeff Henderson’s knowledge and customer service. He was a pleasure to work

Landon Kimberlee Branchini1

Washington, IOWA, Ram 2500, Customer Says “Scott Cooper did great in and out with a truck in no time at all, easy transaction.” 🎉

Angela Watts

Bel Aire, KANSAS, Dodge Challenger

Hannah Samuel Ewbank

Chillicothe, Missouri, Dodge Journey, Customer Says “Five Stars! Jeff Henderson was a huge help in getting us into our first family vehicle! Thanks Jeff!” 🎉

Gayle Favors

Boonville, Missouri, Dodge Grand Caravan, Customer Says “Five Stars! Terry McCollum did a good job!” 🎉