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6 Side Mirror Options That Will Make You Safer

Your first thought when looking at cars is probably not about the side mirrors. Many cars today, however, are technologically advanced and have several safety features located on the side mirrors that you should keep in mind. Here are some great safety options for your side mirrors!

1. Heated Mirrors

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Heated mirrors immediately give you the use of your side mirrors in winter months. You don’t want to scrape frost off of the mirrors because it would be time consuming and could potentially damage the mirrors. How do you turn on the heated side mirrors? Simply turn on the rear defroster and your mirrors will start heating up!

2. Turn Signal

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The majority of cars’ turn signals are only located at the front and rear of the car. With turn signals on side mirrors, cars on all sides of the vehicles can see your indication to turn clearly.

3. Blind Spot Detection

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Blind spots can be highly dangerous, but with new technology, your car can see where you can’t. Blind spot detection systems are a sensor located on the side mirrors to warn the driver if a car or any object is in the blind spot. The sensor detects the object and then gives a visual (such as a light), audible, or vibrating message to the driver that tells them to be aware of the blind spot. Different car manufacturers will call this feature something different. Volvo and Ford label it BLIS (Blind Spot Information System); Mercedes-Benz says Blind Spot Assist; and DodgeJeep, and Chrysler call it Blind Spot & Cross Path Detection.

4. Puddle Light

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A puddle light is attached beneath the side mirrors to illuminate the ground next to the doors. As the name suggests, it can be used to see if there are puddles next to the car or anything to be avoided.

5. Power Folding

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Power folding mirrors can fold in against the side of the car. This allows the car to park in or move through narrow areas without fear of someone or something hitting the mirror. It also gives you peace of mind that no one will knock off the mirror when you’re parked.

6. Blind Spot Mirrors

enter image description here enter image description here

A blind spot mirror is an additional mirror attached to or next to the side mirror. It is at a different angle than the side mirror to give a better view of the car’s blind spot. Trucks often have these mirrors so the driver can see what they are towing behind the truck.

These safety features can be very handy and can give you peace of mind while driving. Some of these can be added after purchasing the car, but many are installed by the manufacturer. Check out to find vehicles with side mirror safety options and more!