The LEgendary 'Trail Rated' Badge

by: Sonja Griesbach


We all know Jeep’s with 4×4 can do some pretty amazing things while off-roading. But do you know what that little Trail Rated badge stands for?

The Trail Rated badge on Jeep 4x4s represents a series of grueling tests that prove it’s off-road capability on some of the toughest trails on the plant.

Test #1 – Traction. Trail Rated 4x4a have enough traction and capability to climb some of the toughest terrain on earth. Testing includes traction on untamed, slippery roads (wet, mud snow)

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Test #2 – Water Fording. Don’t let a little H2O get you down! Trail Rated Jeeps have additional electrical and body sealing. Plus a higher air intake which will help you to navigate through streams and floods!!

Jeep 7

Test #3 – Maneuverability. Trail Rated Jeeps have the capability to help navigate narrow gaps, dodge emergency situations and avoid cosmetic damages. All thanks to precision steering and optimized wheelbases.


Test #4 – Articulation. Keeping the rubber on the trail helps keep you moving. Good articulation allows a wheel to stay on the ground longer for maximum available traction when one or more of the other wheels are elevated while going over obstacles.

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Rock Climb

Test #5 Ground Clearance. Jeeps are tested for their ability to drive over obstacles. Testing criteria includes ground clearance,approach, departure, breakover angles and more.

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