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Top 5 Attractions in Chillicothe, Missouri!!!

By: Suzzanne Nickell

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Have you ever been to Chillicothe, Missouri? If not, you trully are missing out! Did you know that Chillicothe is a Shawnee Indian word meaning “Big Town Where we live”? Chillicothe is full of preserved historic charm and was incorporated in 1837! There really is so much to see and do in the city limits of Chillicothe, Missouri! Check out these top 5 places to either go or see next time you are in North Central Missouri!

(Note: As you are reading the top attractions of Chillicothe, please take into consideration that they are not listed in any particular order, I would hate to have to favorite a certain place in my home town! Also, after every tour attraction there will be a link that will give you directions! ENJOY!!)

So to start out our fabulous tour, (drumroll please!…) Chilli Bay Water Park!! This was actually added to Chillicothe here recently, and is a superb place to go and relax by the palm trees (of course they are fake, this is Central Missouri we are talking about!!) My favorite thing to do at Chilli Bay is going down the big white slide into the lazy river! I could literally lay in that for hours! I also like to watch people do cool tricks off of the diving boards. I tryed to do something cool one time, and lets just say my flip didn’t follow through and I ended up belly flopping, bad times. But anyway, check out this cool video to get you into the spirt!! DIRECTIONS

One of the biggest things that Chillicothe is known for is our square, this is where all the magic happens, well I guess where it did happen! Preserving the integrity and character of our historic downtown is an important part of what they do around the square. It is full of mind-boggling murals (thanks to Kelly Poling), and restored and preserved old buildings. Plus they added a park called Silver Moon Plaza where they have community events and even concerts at! A perfect place for a family to take a walk and go sight seeing! DIRECTIONS

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Ok the next thing I’m about to talk about is irresistable!! MOVIE POPCORN!!! If you and your family happen to be around Chillicothe and are looking to have a memorable night! I have just the place to start! You can kick off your night by going and hitting the boweling alley and getting some awesome food at Fast Lanes and Jerseys Sports Bar & Grill! When you are ready to kick back and relax, you can seriously walk next door to Grand 6 Theaters and watch your favorite films and of course chow down on some delicious movie theatre popcorn! You can thank me later!! DIRECTIONS

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Lets just say you did everything on the top attractions tour up to this point! You could finish your night by staying in a 5 start hotel, with a pool and a hot tub!! Comfort Inn and Suites is right off of Highway 36, so not only is it easy to get to, but it’s also easy to get back on the road in the morning to go home! Before you leave, and this is what gets me everytime at a hotel, they offer a free hot breakfast!! YAY!! DIRECTIONS

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Ok, so by now I bet you are wondering who the overly happy gal in the Wowwoodys shirt is(annoying right??) Well that’s actually me, I live just 15 minutes East of Chillicothe, but i get the luxury of working here everyday! Which this brings me to number 5 on our tour of top attractions, Woody’s Automotive Group!! If you don’t know what that is, it is the Highest Rated Dealership in Middle America (learn why by going to! I kind of like to think of Woody’s as the “Heart of Chillicothe”, because if you look at chillicothe, Missouri on a map, we are right where a heart would be on a person (well if you flipped the map upside down anyway! =)) DIRECTIONS

ATTENTION!!! Problem accured while searching for a map flipped upside down, so I decided to map my own! Hope you like it!

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Check out this awesome and informative video of why Woody’s is so amazing!! You can also view our one-of-a-kind philosophies here!

So clearly based on these opinonated facts, Chillicothe, Missouri is a warming, welcoming, and historic place for you and your family to visit!! To read more of my blogs just click here!!