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The New 2016 Uconnect Infotainment System

A New Year means so many new things, including new Automotive Technology. I touched on this a bit last week with my 2016 Automotive Technology Predictions where I mentioned advancing media center systems. This week, at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, Fiat Chrysler Automotive released their new Uconnect System that will be found in most Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Fiat Systems for 2016. If your not familiar with the Uconnect System, it is perhaps the most advanced and high-tech media center system on the market. Uconnect is constantly on step ahead of competitors. Among so many new and advanced features that the New Uconnect System will offer, you can also expect:

-Uconnect will now be integrated with Apple Car and Google Android Auto. These systems integrate to your iPhone or Android device, turning the screen into a more familiar interface for easier usability (the screen will look more like your phone’s display when connected). You will also be able to access Siri voice Commands and Google Maps which includes real-time traffic information and Google Search, all with your voice, all on the screen.

-Uconnect will now work quicker, smoother with enhanced responsiveness and improved resolution and brightness.

-Uconnect will offer Community Tagging which will communicate with other cars on the road to detect hazardous road conditions alerting the driver to avert the situation.

-Uconnect will now offer a Follow Me Mode. Let’s say your following someone to a certain location. Now, you can request access to follow that specific car. Once you gain access to follow them, you will be able to see that car on your screen and never have to worry about getting lost again.

-Uconnect will of course have all previous features such as blind spot detection, parking assistance, ice and snow road lane assist, am/fm radio and all climate controls.

If your interested in checking out a 2016 vehicle with the new Uconnect System, click here!

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