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Scuffs and Scratches Be Gone!

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It’s happened to all of us…We’ve pulled up to a parking block to quickly and scuffed the front bumper of our car. While nursing your bruised ego and kicking yourself for scratching your “baby” you think to yourself…”self…what the heck am I going to do to fix these scratches and scuffs?” Well…worry no more because with these two tips, the exterior of your car will be looking fresh in no time! **Scuffs** – Scuffs are ugly and an eyesore, no doubt! So how do you fix them? Simply grab a toothbrush and some toothpaste! Buff the toothpaste into the scuff’s until they’re gone! Wipe off with a cloth and some water, and your good as new!
**Scratches** – Scratches are more difficult to solve. Not only are they also an eyesore, BUT they can create some serious damage to your paint job. So, how do you get the scratches out? It’s simple…grab some WD-40, and a buffing cloth. Heavily coat the scratches with your WD-40 and buff the scratches until they disappear. Note – This works for more superficial scratches. For the deeper scratches that the WD-40 doesn’t remove, call Woody’s Automotive Group to get pointers from our Certified Technicians on how to better remove them
Easy Fix Car Scratches With Wd 40

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