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Your All New Jeep® Gladiator will be coming soon to Woody’s Automotive Group!


The All-New  Jeep Gladiator has been engineered to deliver Best in Class towing of up to 7,650 pounds. So whether you’re pulling a camper, a boat to the lake or a trailer loaded with ATVs, you can count on it to make the adventure happen. For anyone who embraces the freedom of an adventure-filled life, Jeep Gladiator is the only mid-size crew cab 4×4 truck on the planet that gives consumers legendary Jeep 4×4 capability, best-in-class towing and payload, and an open-air experience for drivers to feel the world around them.

With 4 available trim levels available, choose the Gladiator trim level that best suits your adventurous needs. The product specialists at Woody’s Automotive Group in Chillicothe, Missouri have highlighted the key features of each model below.

If you’d like to speak with one of our specialists before we begin, call our team at 660-646-3455 or use our online contact form to get in touch.

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Why Buy the 2020 Jeep Gladiator?

  •  Best-in-Class* Towing (7,650 lb) and Best-in-Class Payload (1,600 lb)
  •  Only Open-Air Freedom Pickup Truck in the Industry† with removable tops and doors and fold-down windshield
  • All Jeep® Gladiator models are Trail Rated with standard tow hooks in front and back, and skid plates
  • Jeep Gladiator Rubicon is the Most Off-Road Capable Mid-Size Pickup Ever‡
  • Class-Exclusive lockable rear seat storage (behind) and removable underseat storage bin
  • Standard 4×4 with heavy-duty Dana 44 front and rear axles
  • Segment-exclusive* available TrailCam off-road camera with grid lines
  • Advanced technology with an available Uconnect 4C NAV with 8.4″ Display system
  • Industry-first* available/removable Bluetooth wireless speaker
  • Over 80 standard and available safety and security features, including Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross-Path Detection,
    Adaptive Cruise Control and Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking


  • Aluminum construction and dampened opening feature provide easy and controlled open-and-close operations
  • Can be set to open, mid or closed positions
  • Due to the presence of the Center High-Mounted Stop Light (CHMSL), removal of the tailgate is not recommended
  • To use mid-position, open the tailgate to near mid-position
    • Secure the tailgate by looping the tailgate straps behind the circular retainer on each box side
    • When transporting plywood, insert 2×4 and 2×6 wood pieces horizontally in stamped pockets inside the truck bed for support

Jeep Gladiator Rear underseat storage area/available lockable rear underseat storage (All models)

  •  Tire jack is stored on the passenger-side
  •  Bolt bin is on the driver-side (easily removable if desired)
    •  Makes it easy to store the loose bolts from removing doors, tops or under
      seat storage as well as storing bolts removed to fold windshield
    • Lid is removed by pulling on the strap on top
    • Bolt bin lid indicates the corresponding number of bolts and their locations under the lid in Petroglyph style
  • Underseat divider wall (non-locking) is attached to the floor with four bolts and can be used for storing miscellaneous items in cabin-wide area by folding up the bottom of the rear seat
  • Available lockable/removable underseat bin provides additional secure storage when top or doors are removed
    • Two different sized doors correspond to rear seat cushions and are independently lockable
    • Lockable bin can be removed by removing four bolts that attach the bin to the vehicle floor

Jeep Gladiator Tow Hooks

  • Front tow hooks (2 Black); rear tow hook (1 Black) on Sport, Sport S and Overland
  •  Front tow hooks (2 Red); rear tow hooks (2 Red) on Rubicon
  •  For emergency off-road recovery only, to rescue a vehicle stranded off-road. (Do not use for tow truck hookup or highway towing)
  • It is recommended to use both of the front tow hooks to minimize the risk of damage
  • Always use an appropriately rated tow strap (NOTE: chains are not recommended for freeing a stuck vehicle. Chains may break causing serious injury or death)
  • LED interior lighting
  • Instrument panel includes 7-inch Reconfigurable Digital Gauge Cluster
  • Sport or performance bolstered seats on all models
  • Many interior and exterior color combinations
  • Aggressive, bold and diversified wheel lineup

Jeep Gladiator Rock-Trac 4×4 System

  • Transfer case features 4:1 low range gear
  • Front and rear axle feature 4.10:1 ratios
  • Impressive crawl ratios of 84.2:1 with the standard six-speed manual transmission and 77.2:1 with the available eight-speed automatic


  • Front and rear axles also feature Tru-Lok Electronic Locking Differentials for
    enhanced traction in the most rugged conditions

Jeep Gladiator Electronic disconnecting front sway bar

  • Allows greater front suspension travel in off-road situations
  •  Controlled by the Sway Bar switch located on the instrument panel (to the right of the steering column)
  •  Sway Bar should remain connected during normal driving conditions
  • Sway Bar Indicator Light (located in the instrument cluster)
    • Illuminates when the bar is disconnected
    • Flashes during activation, or when activation conditions are not met

Jeep Gladiator 33-inch All-Terrain light truck tires

  • 33-inch LT285/70R17C A/T (All-Terrain) light truck tires provide enhanced
    off-road capabilities, excellent on-road performance and all-season
    versatility, especially traction in light snow
  • Help give Rubicon an outstanding 11.1 inches of ground clearance.
  •  Available 33-inch LT285/70R17C M/T (Mud-Terrain) light truck tires
    feature aggressive tread lugs that help propel the vehicle through the most
    challenging off-road conditions including deep mud and slippery rocks
  • High clearance fender flares accommodate installation of up to 35-inch
    tires with a 2-inch lift (Rubicon)
  •  No body modifications needed to install 35-inch tire

Jeep Gladiator Sunrider soft top

  • Features easy-to-use zipperless closures design; available in vinyl and premium fabrics
  • Built-in water management features keep the interior dry
  • Rear window panel can be both rolled up or removed for partial open-air feel
  • Spring-loaded side links allow top to glide into open Sunrider position, and two hook-and-loop fasteners (provided in center console) secure the top in this position

Jeep Gladiator Removable doors

  •  Removable front and rear doors contribute to wide-open driving experience
  • Able to store bolts in special underseat bolt bin for convenient retrieval
  • Designed for off-road operation only
  • Driving on public roads without doors removes the protection to occupants
    that doors provide

Jeep Gladiator Three-piece Freedom Top hardtop

  • Light and easy-to-remove hardtop
  •  Enjoy a full open-air experience by removing all three sections, or let in the sun by just removing the two front panels
  • Available in Black on all trim levels and body-color on Overland
    and Rubicon

Jeep Gladiator Fold-down windshield

  • Lightweight frame made of aluminum for easy lowering and raising motions
  •  Remove the two windshield wipers and four Torx head fasteners along
    the interior of the windshield (and store all mounting bolts in the original
    threaded holds for safekeeping)
  • Header bar remains to protect passengers along with rearview mirror and
    sun visors
  • Lower windshield to rubber hood bumpers and secure with straps
  • Before lowering the windshield:
    • If the vehicle is equipped with Sunrider Soft Top, the soft top MUST be
      lowered, and the door frames must be removed
    • If the vehicle is equipped with a Freedom Top hardtop, the Freedom
      Panels MUST be removed
  •  Do not drive the vehicle on-road with the windshield down
  • Do not drive the vehicle unless the windshield is securely fastened, either up or down
  • Eye protection, such as goggles, should be worn at all times when the windshield is down

Jeep Gladiator Off-road pages

  • Standard with Uconnect 4C NAV with 8.4″ Display
  • Can be launched within the radio or if the Off-Road+ button is pressed
  • Allow access to real-time performance data and in-depth diagnostics to
    provide an optimized experience
  • Summary of data is always displayed in the off-road status bar or greater
    details can be reviewed within the numerous information tabs


  •  Provides status of steering angle, sway bar, front and rear axle lockers and
    transfer case

Accessory gauges

  • Displays coolant temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, transmission
    temperature (automatic only) and battery voltage


  • Displays pitch and roll angles graphically and numerically

TrailCam – Forward-Facing Camera

  • Launches the TrailCam Forward-Facing Off-Road Camera Off-Road pages status bar (located along the bottom of the screen)
  • Transfer Case status
  • Off-Road+ status
  • Latitudes/Longitude GPS coordinates
  •  Altitude of the vehicle
  • Status of Selec-Speed Control and Selected Speed in miles per hour (mph)

Jeep Gladiator TrailCam System:

  •  Grille-mounted camera highlights off-road obstacles, such as rocks and logs, by displaying an image of what’s in front of the vehicle on the touchscreen display
  • To help driver negotiate off-road obstacles, tire path lines that change
    dynamically when the steering wheel is turned are overlaid on the camera
    image to indicate the current vehicle path
  • Includes integrated washer nozzle that can be activated using radio soft
    key to clean the camera lens
  • Activated by the following methods:
    • Press “FWD Camera” soft key on Controls screen
    • Press “FWD Camera” soft key on Apps screen
      – Press “FWD Camera” soft key on Off-Road Pages

Jeep Gladiator Selectable Tire Fill Alert

  • Makes tire inflation or deflation more convenient by providing an auditory
    notification when the desired pressure is reached
  •  Desired deflation or inflation pressure is selected in the radio and can be
    set to a minimum of 15 psi
  • If the key is cycled on/off, the system defaults to the recommended placard
    pressures. At this point you must set the desired pressures again
  • Up to two preset pressures can be saved in the radio
  •  Vehicle must be in Park (automatic transmission) or Neutral (manual
    transmission) and the ignition must be in RUN mode

Jeep Gladiator Industry-first removable Bluetooth wireless speaker

  • Docking station behind rear seat back houses a removable wireless speaker
    on the passenger side
  • Weight: 3 lb; dimensions: 10″ x 5.5″ x 2.75″
  • Charged by vehicle power when in the vehicle storage location and engine is running
  • Can be paired with the speaker from another Jeep® Gladiator to play true
    left/right stereo audio
  • Carries the electronics industry’s highest rating for dust protection
  • Protected from immersion in water with a depth of up to 3.3 feet (1 meter) for up to 30 minutes