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Have you ever been driving when it’s extremely foggy out? I’m talking so foggy that you say to yourself, our to your passengers, “Wow this fog is so bad i can’t even see the lines!”. I feel like I have on several different occasions. What a such a scary feeling, especially at night! When you go around a curve or over a hill your always stuck wondering if someone is going to be coming right at you and you not be in the correct lane or vice versa and…. BOOM! Luckily though, we now live in 2017. Where technology really ties in and helps you with those nail biting situations! For that particular issue we now have Lane Departure Warring! This is a feature that the U.S National Highway Traffic Safety Administration started studying around 2009! This is a feature that didn’t really become as widespread though until 2015. This isn’t just perfect for those situations but others as well. We are all human. There are times that you are driving down the road and it’s just a normal sunny day and for 1 reason or another you cross one of the lines you are supposed to stay in between. Which means you potentially are putting yourself at risk as well as others and it being a complete accident. How nice is it that they now have technology to take care of that though?


How does Lane Departure Warning work? Lane Departure Warning works by utilizes a camera mounted near the top center of the vehicle windshield to monitor and calculate the vehicle’s position within the lane. When it detects the vehicle is crossing lane markings without using the turn signal, the system sounds a warning. It is activated when the vehicle’s speed is over 42 mph. It also will NOT warn you if another car cuts you off because it is not a collision warning system.

What are the benefits of using Lane Departure Warning? The benefits of using Lane Departure Warning is that is helps drivers quickly realize lane drifting and also encourages them to use their turn signals. It can also help fleets improve their safety and reduce vehicle downtime and repair while improving the fleet’s CSA compliance.

Can I disable Lane Departure Warning? Lane Departure Warning may be disabled temporarily by pressing the Lane Departure Warning button. Id will disable it from approximately 10-15 minutes, depending on the OEM settings. Of course and can turn it back on by simply pressing the button again. Disabling it thought does NOT disable the video capturing function.

How does the Lane Departure Warning distinguish between intentional and unintentional lane changes? Lane Departure Warning distinguishes between intentional and unintentional lane changes by the use of turn signals, brake switch and vehicle speed. If brake lights are ON, all warnings are disabled. If Left Turn Signal is ON, left departure warnings are disabled. If Right Turn Signal is ON, right departure warnings are disabled. If the vehicles speed is under 42 mph, all warnings are disabled. If Hazard Waring Lights are ON, all warnings are enabled.

Will Lane Departure Warning work in severe weather conditions? Lane Departure Warning will work in severe weather conditions as long as lane markings are visible by the camera. The following conditions may cause an issue with the system’s performance and may require additional vigilance by the driver. -If the windshield is dirty or damaged -Poor lighting, caused by inoperable headlamps or severe road glare. -Poor weather conditions such as snow, ice, and heavy for or rain. -Missing, worn, faded, damaged or covered lane markers.

Below we have included a funny little skit explaining what Lane Departure Warning is and how great it really is!! We hope you enjoy!


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