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High Speed Alert!

Statistics show that in 2015 over 2,000,000 People were injured and 35,000 people were killed in Vehicle related incidents. Out of the many various factors in vehicle accidents, a staggering 30% occur simply because of speeding. In response to those statistics everyone in the automotive industry is doing their part to create and implement safety features to help out the average man or woman using computing and sensing that is many times faster than the human brain can react, to assist in making smart decisions while behind the wheel.

Some of these features assist in a gentle way like vibrating the steering wheel, just letting you know you are getting pretty close to that line. Other safety systems are a little more aggressive. Like the small rocket engine in your steering wheel designed to deploy your airbag at your face at over 200 miles an hour, for when an accident does happen and your face needs a little bit of… cushion. The safety feature that I want to talk about today is very simple and could prevent you from accidentally going over the speed limit. Unless you’re doing that on purpose… illegally.


Now Here are the Top asked questions for High Speed Alert

What is High Speed Alert? High Speed Alert is… an alert… that tells you when you are going a certain speed (that you set) over the speed limit!

How does High Speed Alert work? There are many different versions of this safety feature. Some High Speed Alert systems use a locally posted speed limit database, and GPS systems to determine the speed limit where you currently are, and alerts you when you’ve gone over that limit. Other High Speed Alert systems even use cameras that can read speed limit signs to determine what the current speed limit is and then again… let you know… slow down speed racer.

Does High Speed Alert automatically brake for me? In today’s vehicles High Speed Alert is not allowed to brake for you just due to speeding. There may be several reasons for this to include but certainly not limited to the margin for error in the actual speed limit of the road. The speed limit may be 70 but your car could make a mistake believing the speed limit is 55 causing the vehicle to slow down and be a potential hazard to other drivers. However High Speed Alert may play into other safety features such as forward collision alert, which on some makes and models will actually brake for you in event of a detected forward collision. But that’s a whole different story.

Can I turn off High Speed Alert? On some makes and models you can turn off High Speed Alert. Using the settings menu in your vehicle or portable GPS device you can locate the setting to turn this feature off. Utilize your owner’s manual to identify the specific location of the setting to disable High Speed Alert.

How do I know if I have High Speed Alert on my vehicle? You can use your owner’s manual to determine if your vehicle has High Speed Alert, or by searching through your vehicles menu systems.

As you can tell High Speed Alert is just one of many safety features that play into providing the safest driving experience for you and your family behind the wheel of today’s vehicles.

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I’m Tyrel, Until next time. WOW!