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February 15, 2016
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Forward Collision Alert and Why YOU Need It

Picture This: Your on a road trip, driving long hours. You know the feeling…you drive so long, its almost as if your in a daze, completely relaxed. Just you, the highway, John Mayer and whoever else is in your vehicle. This is the moment that your not necessarily as alert as if you were driving through a city. Suddenly, up ahead a car hits a sweet, gentle little deer and immediately stops the car in the middle of the road. You either don’t see it, or are too “dazed” to take the appropriate action needed to avoid this collision. Wouldn’t it be nice if your vehicle could alert you ahead of time, so you could take the appropriate action needed to avoid swerving and causing an accident at the last minute?

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Good News…Many vehicles do come with that now. It’s called Forward Collision Alert System and here’s how it works. Forward Collision uses Cameras, Radar, or Lasers to scan the road ahead of you, alerting the driver if there is something up ahead that can be detrimental. The system alerts the driver with visual or audible cue’s, alerting the driver of any potential roadway threat. Many more advanced systems even have automatic braking, which will brake for you as the system detects danger and prepare the seat belts and airbags for impact.

Pretty Cool isn’t it? It’s safe to say, that this safety feature is a MUST HAVE on today’s roads! Curious about which models come with Forward Collision Alert System’s or just want more information on it? Contact one of friendly Advisors from Woody’s Automotive Group OR call 888-869-0963!