Ford Trailer Backup Assist!

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Backing up a trailer or boat can be a pain in several different ways. If you have a passenger out sometimes they have to get out to guide you. And don’t forget those times you have to do it all alone and it takes FOREVER to get it where it needs to be. Those are just two scenarios that make it difficult for someone that is experienced at doing it. So what about those of us that are brand new at doing it. Think about the wasted time and stress. PLUS 9 times out of 10 there are people in the general area doing their own thing right? Well if you are not getting anywhere with it, it usually catches others attention and then your have the pressure of them watching you on top of everything! With Trailer Backup Assist none of that will be an issue for you anymore. Trailer Backup Assist pretty much takes the heat and knocks out the hard parts of backing your things up correctly. In the video below it will teach you WHAT Trailer Backup Assist is and it will even teach you how to set it all up! =)

Questions anyone??—

How do you set it up? Setting up Trailer Backup Assist is can be broken down into 6 steps! 1. Park your truck and hitch trailer on a level surface. Hitch your conventional trailer to the truck. Make sure that the trailer and truck are in line with each other. 2. Press the center button on the knob to begin. Press the down arrow on the left hand-side of the 5-way cluster control located on your steering wheel. On your drivers menu on the dash it will light up add trailer and then press OK. 3. You need to place the entire sticker in the green zone on the trailer as outlined in the diagram on the next page. The sticker is in the back cover pocket of this guide. *Note: An assistant can help you complete the tasks on the next page. 4. Now that the sticker is in place, you must take a few measurements. For the system to perform its best, it is important to make sure that the measurements you take are accurate. 5. For this part of the setup, use the information display and your 5-way steering wheel controls to enter the four measurements. Entering Your Measurements • Use the up/down arrows to increase or decrease the numbers as needed. Press OK to confirm each measurement. The screen prompts you to add the next measurement. • Refer to the measurements you recorded on your measurement card and enter each one into the information display. *Note: If you want to revise your measurements, highlight Change and press OK. Otherwise, press the arrow to highlight Confirm and press OK. 6. Look for the circle in the center display. Is that your sticker? Use the steering wheel controls to select Yes or No. If you select No, you may need to repeat the setup procedure from the beginning. *Note: If your system cannot locate the sticker, try the following: • Clean the rear view camera lens. • Make sure you place the entire sticker between 7 inches (17 cm) and 22 inches (55 cm) from the trailer ball hitch. • Refer to your Owner’s Manual for additional support.



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