DIY Car Freshener: A Step by step guide

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Creating your own Car Air Freshener

Creating Your Own Car Air Freshener: A Simple DIY Guide

Creating a homemade car freshener is surprisingly straightforward.

Step 1. Begin by feeding a strand of twine through your ornament’s hole, tying it to form a loop. If there’s no hole, you can easily create one with a hammer and nail.

Step 2. Pour 1 Tablespoon of carrier oil into a small glass or ceramic dish, then blend in 15 drops of your chosen essential oil, stirring well. It’s important to use glass or ceramic as some essential oils can degrade plastic. With a small brush, liberally apply the oil mix onto the wooden ornament.

Infusing the Wood with Fragrance

Step 3. Next, place the ornament in a Ziploc bag, letting the wood soak up the oil for a few hours, or even better, overnight.

Installing the Freshener in Your Car

Step 4. Finally, attach the DIY freshener near the air vent using a small Command hook. This positioning helps distribute the fragrance throughout your vehicle. Essential oils’ aroma fades over time, but you can easily refresh it by adding a few more drops directly to the wood, without the need for reapplication with a brush.