We’re Here To Help

From our family to yours,

We consider you an important part of our Woody’s Automotive Group family, and we want you to know that we are mindful of the ways in which the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) impacts all of us. As an essential service and critical supplier, we remain open to support our customers with quality transportation and service.

While we understand that purchasing or servicing a vehicle may not be your first thought, we want you to know that we are here for your needs and we are doing all we can to ensure our dealership is safely prepared for your visit.  For your protection and that of our employees, we have taken the following actions and implemented measures which follow CDC guidelines:

  • We have reduced the number of team members at our facility and therefore created
    space to reduce the risk of spread. While this has led to our team being spread thin
    in every department, we want to assure the safety of our team and our customers.
  • We have implemented the ability to purchase our vehicles with no face-to-face
    interaction at your request.
  • Because of a limited number of service and sales department team members and
    the fact they are spread very thin, we have been forced to change and streamline
    our processes. Our technicians are now being reserved for emergency repairs of
    customer’s vehicles as well as repairs to essential service and critical supplier
    vehicles such as food delivery, postal delivery, law enforcement and healthcare
    services. Likewise, our sales department is much smaller and will need to be able
    to move the sales along without hassle in either direction, by offering a wholesale
    price (no post-repair $$ available), financing and breakdown protection for your
    peace of mind and ours. Therefore, in an effort to streamline our sales and service,
    we no longer have the luxury of performing large or small point of sale or after-sale
    repairs. We also want to offer our best price and Vehicles will be sold in the
    condition they are in. HOWEVER, for a limited time, we are offering a wonderful
    bundle, which saves our customers time and money and gives them peace of mind
    after the sale. Now, you can save 3,600 from normal market pricing, with bundle
    pricing. Get peace of mind + wholesale pricing + breakdown protection + low
    payments when you purchase mechanical breakdown protection and finance the
    vehicle through one of our lenders (bundle pricing). Also, refinance at a lower rate,
    get cashback, turn your trade to cash (we need trades) and don’t make your first
    payment for 90 days. Strings attached! This is an unprecedented deal for
    unprecedented times! Sorry… not Sorry.
  • We have increased the frequency of regularly scheduled cleanings and sanitation efforts at our dealership including sanitizing high touchpoints; door handles, chairs, desks, and phones.
  • We have instructed our employees to practice good hygiene (frequent hand washing and social distancing).
  • We have placed those most vulnerable to the virus in work isolation.
  • We have instructed our employees to stay home, without exception,  if they do not feel well.
  • Your friendly automotive adviser will have access to a mask, bandana or other apparatus which may be utilized in certain situations where air droplets could be an issue and where a facial apparatus might be effective in mitigating and virus transfer through the air.
  • We have purchased 5 RVs for you, so your family can wait in an isolated area instead of a crowded showroom for your safety.

With all our recent markdowns we are currently experiencing heavy sales volume.  It could be up to 24 hours before you are called/emailed back.  Your best strategy is to confirm vehicle availability and setup your appointment  ASAP by calling (888) 658-3616.  In-store customers get first priority.  We have created a very safe environment.  We ask that you remain patient with us as we work to get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also shop online with Accelerate My Deal and we will deliver your new or pre-owned car to your driveway.  Please contact us and give us an opportunity to serve you.

We hope that you and your family are in good health, and remain safe.
Mitchell Cooper
General Manager
Woody’s Automotive Group