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Ed Goers 1024x1024

Ed G

Ed just purchased this super fun 2019 Dodge Charger, congratulations! ???? Ed G.Bevier, Missouri

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Jordan Shippers 1024x1024

Jordan S

Out with the old and in with the 2018 Ford F-150! Congratulations Jordan! ???? Jordan S.Kansas City, Missouri

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Jorge Coe 1024x1024

Jorge C

Jorge is heading home in style, congratulations on your new whip! ???? Jorge C.Bucklin, Missouri

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Kimberly Gray 1024x1024

Kimberly G

Kimberly just purchased this head-turner of a truck! Congratulations girl! ???? Kimberly G.Bethany, Missouri

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Marylynn Cole 1024x1024

Marylynn C

Congratulations to Marylynn on purchasing this Pontiac Grand Prix! ???? Marylynn C.Milan, Missouri

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Stephanie Smith 1024x1024

Stephanie S

The perfect vehicle is always worth traveling for, congratulations to Stephanie! ???? Stephanie S.Stanford, ILLINOIS

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Austin Thomas 1024x1024

Austin T

Austin just purchased this brand new 2021 Ram 2500, congratulations! ???? Austin T.Bloomfield, IOWA

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Cindy Alvin Brownley 1024x1024

Cindy & Alvin

These two royal loyal customers just upgraded to this 2020 Kia Sportage! Congratulations! ???? Cindy and Alvin B.Carrollton, Missouri

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Faith Sanders 1024x1024

Faith S

Faith just upgraded her whip to this Kia Sorento, congratulations! ???? Faith S.Maryville, Missouri

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Katie Kallauner 1024x1024

Katie K

Time to hit the trails! Katie was super excited to be able to purchase this Jeep Wrangler. Congratulations! ???? Katie

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