Berry C. Mayfield, KENTUCKY

Berry Craig1
Mayfield, KENTUCKY, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Customer Says “I’ve been on the hunt for a low-millage Grand Cherokee for the last few months with all the tech and options. I live in Kentucky, about 8 hours away from Woody’s and found an incredible deal (15k off the sticker price of it new!) on a fully loaded limited that was certified with only 3,500 miles, still had that new car smell! I talked with Scott over the phone, email, and text and he was quick to keep me informed. There was one small scratch on the paint and they had it fixed before I even got to the dealership. If Scott hadn’t notified me before of the scratch, I wouldn’t have ever known it was there. We drove 8 hours to trade my old vehicle which was given a more than fair trade value. Everyone from start to finish was courteous, informative, and helped us to understand the paperwork and options. Overall it was an incredibly easy process and I would definitely make the return trip to buy another vehicle down the road. Their pricing is fair and they outline each line item on your purchase contract. You won’t be disappointed at Woody’s! Driving that far might be daunting to some, but I would not hesitate to recommend the trip to anyone. I can see why they were rated the highest in dealer satisfaction in Missouri!” 🎉


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