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September 8, 2015
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Zoom into Fall Safely

Do you love the cooler days, warmer clothes, and all the dazzling colors that come along with Fall? Nature has a spectacular way of getting ready for bed, so to speak, and I love all the changes! While I drove my kids around town the last few days, I noticed that the leaves are already changing and starting to fall, no matter that the official start of Autumn is not until September 23! With that observation, my thoughts shifted to keeping my kids safe, a process that as a busy mom is always at the top of my list!

leaves on road

While the falling leaves are gorgeous to look at, they can also conceal dangers, both off the road and on. They can cover potholes, or make the road slick, just to name a couple. How do you keep everyone safe and still enjoy this beautiful season? I’m so glad you asked! I’ve compiled some things to watch for and tips to help you keep everyone safe!

Vehicle Maintenance

At all times of the year, it’s important to keep your vehicle working for you.

  • Replace windshield wipers if worn.
  • Keep tire pressure stable and tires properly aligned.
  • Have headlights checked and aligned if necessary.

Low Visibility

With daylight decreasing by 1 to 3 minutes each day in the fall, leaves falling, and kids everywhere, it’s important to be aware of decreased visibility.

  • Watch for children crossing the road for their bus stops or on their way to school, and again after school.
  • Slow down on roads covered with leaves, especially when wet. Leaves make the roads slicker, and cover potholes or other imperfections. Use caution and drive defensively.
  • Use extra caution when there are piles of leaves on or near the edge of the road. We all remember how much fun we had jumping into huge piles of leaves as a kid, and little ones don’t always use good judgement when those leaves are beckoning them!

Be Prepared

  • Stash a stocked emergency kit inside your auto.
  • Keep sunglasses handy for driving to and from work. The reduced daylight hours can cause you to drive straight into the sunrise or sunset.
  • Give yourself extra time to allow for poor weather conditions.

I’m so looking forward to long sleeves, boots, and falling leaves! I hope you find these tips helpful as we barrel into this season of change! Remember to use caution and pay attention to your surroundings, no matter the season or conditions, to keep yourself and those around safe!

Enjoy each drive!