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Why your vacation should start with a TRUCK!

Spring is here! Which means it is time to plan VAACCAATTIIOONNSSS! =) When it comes to vacations there are so many different options out there that it is nearly impossible to pick just one. You have to find something that fits every aspect of your family. You look into what everyone enjoys doing, prices, and so much more so why make it harder on yourself? With having a truck it simplifies these situations for so many different reasons. You don’t have to worry about if your vehicle can pull something, or if your vehicle can make it through any weather you have to travel through. With a crew cab truck, like the one used in the video below, you have everything you would need. You have the space, tow power, durability, and the technology to make choosing your vacation 10 times easier!

  1. Why would a truck be a better compared to a car or SUV? A truck would be a better vehicles if you are planning on hauling items like a boat, camper, or anything like that. Also a truck has more cargo space then a SUV would have.
  2. What does a tuck offer that a car our SUV don’t? A truck offers a bed so you can store your items in there and not be crowded in the cab, a SUV does not have that. Also a truck allows you to haul bigger items without straining the Engine.
  3. What limits does a truck have? There arn’t very many limits that you have with a truck because you can do almost anything with a Truck. The biggest two weaknesses with a truck are that they don’t offer a 3rd row, and they don’t come with rear entertainment. You can buy aftermarket rear entertainment though to add to it yourself.
  4. What has the better MPG a Car, SUV, or a truck? The MPG Is a big factor for a vacation. a car would have the best MPG but with the new technology trucks are now getting pretty good PG. The truck that is in our video blow gets 15 in the city and 21 on the highway. That is the same as most cars!
  5. What are the perks of having a truck on a vacation then ant other vehicle? The perks of having a truck on a vacation is you are limitless! You can pack more then what you need. As well as bring something back for the whole family! Not only that you can have more room in the cab to move and get comfortable. There are so many options with a truck, you will never have to find a different way to get something on your trip!


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