February 7, 2017
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February 13, 2017
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Valentine Mail Box!!!!

Every year for Valentine’s Day children come home needing a new “mail box” made to collect all their valentines! Well check out this EASY, FUN, CUTE little mail box that you can make for boys and girls!!

All you need is:

  1. A box (whatever size you would like your mailbox to be)
  2. Construction Paper
  3. Pipe Cleaners(spiraled)
  4. Glue/Tape


  • Cut out a slot that will be the mouth of your monster AND also where other children put the valentines
  • Draw and cut out some teeth on a white sheet of paper and glue onto the box
  • After you have all of those steps complete, Cover the box with whatever color construction paper you are wanting the “monster” to be and then glue it to the box.
  • Cut out shapes to glue on the box for extra decoration
  • For the arms and legs you need to cut out long strips of colored construction paper and fold it repeatedly, unfold and tape/glue to the body of the monster
  • You may make the shoes and hands anyway you would like to by cutting them out of more construction paper, or you do not have to make any at all
  • Cut out your eye balls and glue the white to the black for the pupil and then glue to one end of your spiraled pipe cleaners
  • Using the other end of the pipe cleaner you need to poke a hole into the top of the box to connect them
  • IF you would like you can put a Happy Valentine’s Day note by gluing sign to pipe cleaner and sticking it somewhere on the body

enter image description here

AAANNNNNDDDD there you have it! Easy, simple, fun, creative, and fairly quick to make. I hope that your children enjoy making this adorable little project and gets LOADS of valentines from school =)