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The Top 5 Tech Features You Need to Make Winter Driving Safer!

ABS Brakes – ABS Brakes make stopping suddenly much earlier and safer by preventing your wheels from locking up, which further prevents sliding and skidding! Most newer vehicles have ABS Brakes! To see some vehicles with ABS Brakes click here.

Terrain Management System – Not only does Terrain Management Systems make driving in Normal conditions easier, BUT, many Terrain Management Systems provide a SNOW setting, making driving in snow so much easier and safer! To see vehicles that offer this system go here. To see some vehicles with Terrain Management Systems click here.

Heated Wipers and Washers – This feature really doesn’t need a description. However, its safe to say that this would be a fantastic feature for de-icing those windows when your running late for work! To see vehicles with heated windshields and wipers click here.

Heated Seats and Steering Wheel – Not much is more uncomfortable than climbing into your freezing vehicle only to realize your seat feels like an ice cube. Never dread that agin with Heated Seats and a Heated Steering Wheel. To see vehicles with heated seats and steering wheels click here.

Remote Start – It sounds silly, but Remote Start can really be a real lifesaver in the wintertime! Start your vehicle while still in your house, and let it warm up for you! That way, by the time you get into your vehicle…its warm and toasty and your seat and steering wheel feel like a warm cup of coffee. To see vehicles with remote start click here.