Kingston, Missouri, Chevy Traverse, Customer says, "Very knowledgeable and helpful. Cory was an honest young man. Very accommodating. Thanks!"

Curtis and Leanne J.
Kingston, Missouri

St, Joe, Missouri, Chrysler Town & Country, Customer Says, "All the staff was amazing helping us get our vehicle for the right price."

Jason and Emily S.
St. Joe, Missouri

Hull, Illinois, Chevy Malibu, Customer Says, "Nice working with Scott! Very helpful and had everything ready to go within a day. Will definitely recommend!!!"

Ashley A.
Hull, Illinois

Norborne, Missouri, GMC Terrain, Customer Says, "Cory and Jeff are the best to work with! Everything is taken car of efficiently and every question is answered."

David S.
Norborne, Missouri

Milan, Missouri, Chevy Sonic, Customer says, "Friendly, clean & neat, and professional. Explained things good."

Corina and Kenneth M.
Milan, Missouri

Rotheville, Missouri, Chevy HHR, Customer Says, "Great experience. This is our 4th purchase from Woody's and all went smoothly."

Steven S.
Rothville, Missouri

Fulton, Missouri, Chevrolet Avalanche, Customer Says, "Helped primary over the phone due to my distance. Got us in and out. Thank you!"

Jessica and Bo T.
Fulton, Missouri

Windsor, Missouri, Nissan Frontier, Customer Says, "Everyone has been very pleasant."

Dale and Penny E.
Windsor, Missouri

Topeka, Kansas, Ram 1500, Customer Says, "Customer service was excellent. It was just a way out from KC. No reason to go anywhere else. They have NO FEES."

Stephanie P.
Topeka, Kansas

Minden, Iowa, Ford F-350, Customer Says, "Scott got right back to me and didn't push me around. It was a great experience and i will be back for the next trade if you got a ford!"

Brandon and Jacqueline N.
Minden, Iowa

Overland Park, Kansas, GMC Sierra, Customer Says, "It was fast and simple. I never felt like i was getting the run around."

Ryan B.
Overland Park, Kansas

Marshall, Missouri, Jeep Patriot, Customer Says, "Terry did a great job. Communicated with us greatly, and i would recommend this place and him to anybody."

Zachary T.
Marshall, Missouri

Leawood, Kansas, Jeep Cherokee, Customer Says, "Terry was great over the phone and Jeff was even better to work with. We absolutely love the way you all do business and will let others know!"

Julian and Julie C.
Leawood, Kansas

Brookfield, Missouri, Chevy Impala, Customer Says, "5 Stars!"

Gene and Donna J.
Brookfield, Missouri

King City, Missouri, Saturn Vue, Customer Says, "Great! Thanks for all of the help! Very friendly!"

Corbin and Chelsea C.
King City, Missouri

Unionville, Missouri, Buick Enclave, Customer Says, "Stayed late and explained the process well. Appreciate Scott and his energy and time to get us into this new car."

James and Heather G.
Unionville, Missouri

Odessa, Missouri, Chevy Trailblazer, Customer Says, "Was looking for a used car and ran across Wow Woody's with a car that caught my eyes. Came, test drove the car and everything went smoothly."

Ronald S.
Odessa, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri, Jeep Wrangler, Customer Says, "Awesome- Fast, easy and professional!"

Kevin and Patricia R.
Kansas City, Missouri

Sullivan, Missouri, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Customer Says, "Wonderful experience!"

Rachel K.
Sullivan, Missouri

Olathe, Kansas, Chrysler 200, Customer Says, "Great experience."

Jennifer and Derek J.
Olathe, Kansas

Carrollton, Missouri, Chrysler Town & Country, Customer Says, "Woody's is always friendly and helpful. We never feel pressured and questions are always answered quickly. This is our 4th car purchased with Woody's and i'm sure we will return!"

Brandon and Lindsay W.
Carrollton, Missouri

Spickard, Missouri, Buick LaCrosse, Customer Says, "Polly and Neva were great people to deal with."

Diana M.
Spickard, Missouri

Johnston, Iowa, Ram, Customer Says, "Woody's was very professional and up front with everything. All of our questions were answered and we highly recommend them! Thanks Scott!"

Spencer B.
Johnston, Iowa

Marceline, Missouri, Jeep Cherokee, Customer Says, "Very pleased with the service. Thanks!"

Mary and Scott W.
Marceline, Missouri

Kingston, Missouri, Ford Taurus, Customer Says, "Easily moved through the process."

Glenn B.
Kingston, Missouri

St. Catharine, Missouri, Jeep Cherokee, Customer Says, "Scott and i have been working on looking for a new vehicle for over 2 years and he has been very patient and allowed us the opportunity to find the right Jeep for our family."

Duane and Beth T.
St. Catharine, Missouri

Westphalia, Missouri, Chevy Suburban, Customer Says, "It was fast and organized. Polly and Neva rock!"

Roger and Jennifer B.
Westphalia, Missouri

Chillicothe, Missouri, Dodge Nitro, Customer Says, "Polly was friendly and helpful and made sure everything went smooth."

Daniel and Melanie O.
Chillicothe, Missouri

Warsaw, Illinois, Ford Fusion, Customer Says, "Very good customer service. Quick responses to my email."

Jonny S.
Warsaw, Illinois

Gallatin, Missouri, Lincoln Navigator, Customer Says, "Love working with Jeff. This is my 5th vehicle from Woody's. Always an easy process and no hassle."

Lauren W.
Gallatin, Missouri

Chillicothe, Missouri, Dodge Ram 2500, Customer Says, "The best treatment you will ever find."

Howard R.
Chillicothe, Missouri

Braymer, Missouri, Ford F-250, Customer Says, "Love dealing with Polly and Neva. Very sweet gal's!"

Scott Kevin L.
Braymer, Missouri

Washington, Kansas, Chrysler Town & Country, Customer Says, "Very friendly sales personnel- Scott went about and beyond to get me the vehicle i wanted! Paperwork was done ahead of us getting there. Very accommodating!"

Gary and Danielle S.
Washington, Kansas

Osawatomie, Kansas, Ford Escape, Customer Says, "It was a good experience!"

Rita R.
Osawatomie, Kansas

Platte City, Missouri, Chevy Silverado, Customer Says, "Great experience- No pressure- Friendly people! Very nice to work with- Love the casual, comfortable environment! Will be back next time we're in the market for another vehicle!"

Traci and Scott R.
Platte City, Missouri

Gladstone, Kansas, Chrysler 200, Customer Says, "Had a great experience. Thanks Polly."

Jean E.
Gladstone, Kansas

Dawn, Missouri, GMC Sierra, Customer Says, "5 stars!"

Kendall W.
Dawn, Missouri

Huntsville, Missouri, Chevy Uplander, Customer Says, "Scott was very courteous throughout the process."

June H. and Sara M.
Huntsville, Missouri

Trenton, Missouri, Chevy 1500, Customer Says, "We had been looking for several weeks for a good family truck and Woody's had great deals. The staff was very friendly with us and helped us right away. Way to go Woody's!"

Kellon B.
Trenton, Missouri

Macon, Missouri, Chrysler Town & Country, Customer Says, "Polly was wonderful! Very caring and helpful for us! Even though she was super buys, she got us the vehicle we wanted to test drive and was patient with us."

Thomas and Kristina M.
Macon, Missouri

Meadville, Missouri, Dodge Dart, Customer Says, "Very helpful."

Cory M.
Meadville, Missouri

Princeton, Missouri, Jeep Patriot, Customer Says, "Quick service. Thoroughly understanding of what i wanted. No hesitation with us checking over the vehicle."

Stanley and Peggy S.
Princeton, Missouri

Fairbury, Nebraska, Dodge Durango, Customer Says, "Terry did a great job of being helpful, answering questions, getting me information and helping to figure things out. He made sure to get things figured out. He was very good to deal with and made me feel very good buying here. Everyone has been way helpful!"

Lana L.
Fairbury, Nebraska

Kansas City, Missouri, Dodge Charger, Customer Says, "Everything was great. Jeff is great and really easy to work with. Highly recommend!"

Kansas City, Missouri

Columbia, Missouri, Chevy Malibu, Customer Says, "Amazing and Fantastic people to work with and very friendly. Very positive staff. I will recommend to other and i will be back!"

Debra and Travis C.
Columbia, Missouri

Cameron, Missouri, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Customer Says, "Very helpful in finding/driving several vehicles."

Janet M.
Cameron, Missouri

Jamesport, Missouri, Chevy Impala, Customer Says, "Very personable. Easy to talk with. Very knowledgeable and caring."

Keenan and Katrina C.
Jamesport, Missouri

Topeka, Kansas, Dodge Challenger, Customer Says, "I am very satisfied with my experience here. I love the customer service. Thank you very much, I would come back a 1000 times!"

Bernard S.
Topeka, Kansas

Trenton, Missouri, Ram, Customer Says, "Everything went very well. 5 stars to Jeff and the entire crew!"

Shawn G. and Aimee A.
Trenton, Missouri

Saint Joseph, Missouri, Ram, Customer Says, "We thought the whole thing was great. Everyone's friendly. Thank you!"

Carl and Kimberly M.
Saint Joseph, Missouri

Ames, Iowa, Ford Fusion, Customer Says, "Upfront- No games- Very friendly- Great, easy purchase- Thank you Curtis"

Alison and Malcolm B.
Ames, Iowa

Chula, Missouri, Chrysler 200, Customer Says, "Very friendly. Nice to work with."

William K. and Karissa B.
Chula, Missouri

Brookfield, Missouri, Chevy Suburban, Customer Says, "Great! Thanks!"

Julius and Vanessa L.
Brookfield, Missouri

Blythedale, MIssouri, Dodge Dart, Customer Says, "No pressure sales and worked within my budget yet met all my demands. Great job! I would highly recommend Jeff Henderson to anyone looking to purchase a new car!"

Jennifer B.
Blythedale, Missouri

Chillicothe, Missouri, Jeep Wrangler, Customer Says, "I worked with Polly, Neva and Scott. All three went above and beyond in everything. I could have purchased a vehicle most anywhere. I chose Woody's because of Polly, Neva and Scott. For me people make the difference!"

Robert M.
Chillicothe, Missouri

Bethany, Missouri, Nissan Murano, Customer Says, "Customer service was awesome! Thank you!"

Patricia and Veronica R.
Bethany, Missouri

Jacksonville, Florida, Toyota Tundra, Customer Says, "The best!"

Myrone P.
Jacksonville, Florida

Chula, Missouri, Used Chevy, Customer Says, "Polly has an exceptional personality and caring attitude. She makes you feel comfortable and never is pushy! Will always do our business with Polly and Neva!"

Benny S. and Josh D.
Chula, Missouri

Lees Summit, Missouri, Used Ram 1500, Customer Says, "Very easy to work with. After driving 4 vehicles we settled on a 2014 Ram and are very excited about this vehicle. They asked us many times if we wanted beverages, cookies, etc during our wait. Loved everyone we dealt with!"

Jeffrey N.
Lees Summit, Missouri

Jamesport, Missouri, Ford Escape, Customer Says, "Great service. Thanks Scoop!"

Ora G.
Jamesport, Missouri

Chillicothe, Missouri, Lexus CT 200, Customer Says, "Polly was just lovely! Super helpful and friendly!"

Edward and Kaylee D.
Chillicothe, Missouri

Rothville, Missouri, Chevy Malibu, Customer Says, "My first car buying experience couldn't have went better."

Judy G. and Faith P.
Rothville, Missouri

Laclede, Missouri, Jeep Patriot, Customer Says, "Very personable staff, that went the extra mile to help us. Because of the great christian music, we knew that God was a priority here."

Ronald and Amy M.
Laclede, Missouri

Kirksville, Missouri, Ram, Customer Says, "Jeff it has been truly a great experience doing business with you. You are a great salesman and very professional!"

Timmy R.
Kirksville, Missouri

Lawrence, Kansas, Honda Accord, Customer Says, "We have dealt with Jeff in the past and we are very satisfied with our experience!"

Steven T.
Lawrence, Kansas

Gallatin, Missouri, Jeep Wrangler, Customer Says, "Great experience!"

Anita and Jeffrey R.
Gallatin, Missouri

Macon, Missouri, Chrysler 200, Customer Says, "Scott Cooper was AWESOME!"

Carmen W.
Macon, Missouri

Agency, Iowa, Chrysler 200, Customer Says, "This has been an excellent experience. Will definitely recommend this dealership!"

Chantelle G.
Agency, Iowa

Kansas City, Missouri, Grand Caravan, Customer Says, "Polly and Neva made sure we were well attended to!"

John C.
Kansas City, Missouri

Overland Park, Kansas, Cadillac SRX, Customer Says, "Worked hard to take care or us!"

Lori D.
Overland Park, Kansas

Liberty, Missouri, Ram Laramie, Customer Says, "Delightful experience- Treated very well- Very respectful staff =) . Enjoyed listening to Christian music while we were here."

George and Karen T.
Liberty, Missouri

Orrick, Missouri, Chrysler 300, Customer Says, "Friendly dealership. Jeff is a super salesman. Thanks again!"

John and Patricia T.
Orrick, Missouri

Winston, Missouri, Ford F-150, Customer Says, "Friendly, fast and efficient. Jeff was honest and financed us at a rate we could live with!"

Anthony and Rebecca C.
Winston, Missouri

Wellington, Missouri, Chrysler Town & Country, Customer Says, "This was a great experience- Everyone was very friendly and respectful, which is appreciated. I will definitely refer others your way!"

Julie H.
Wellington, Missouri

Shawnee, Kansas, Jeep Wrangler, Customer Says, "Terry was very easy to work with and made this very easy and fast."

Angela H.
Shawnee, Kansas

Kansas City, Missouri, Chrysler 200, Customer Says, "It was a pleasure working with Jeff Henderson."

Jacob H.
Kansas City, Missouri

Brookfield, Missouri, Jeep Cherokee, Customer Says, "Polly and the staff were outstanding. Everything was so quick and easy. It's great to know such an awesome dealership is here in our community! I was wowed!"

Dustin and Janna I.
Brookfield, Missouri

Braymer, Missouri, Dodge Journey, Customer Says, "When i had questions they answered as quickly as possible. They were super busy and a sure someone was able to help me at all times. And when my husband changes his mind and added more work for them they were more than accommodating! Also when i compared prices online to other dealers i got the best price here!"

Amanda S.
Braymer, Missouri

Chillicothe, Missouri, Dodge Dart, Customer Says, "Polly and Neva both were a peach and Jerry was very helpful!"

Charles and Autumn B.
Chillicothe, Missouri

Kirksville, Missouri, Jeep Liberty, Customer Says, "Excellent service. Very nice people. I will buy from here again!"

Anthony R.
Kirksville, Missouri

Columbia, Missouri, Chevy Suburban, Customer Says, "Process was smooth. Sales listened and had my best interests in mind."

Warren J.
Columbia, Missouri

Onaga, Kansas, Jeep Wrangler, Customer Says, "Extensive inventory. Good experience. Good sales staff."

Rebecca M.
Onaga, Kansas

Chillicothe, Missouri, Ford F-150, Customer Says, "Great experience. Very low pressure sales staff. Nice and friendly!"

Julie and Gary W.
Chillicothe, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri, Lincoln MKX, Customer Says, "Friendly staff!"

Geoffrey G. and Thylinn P.
Kansas City, Missouri

Kirksville, Missouri, Chevy Traverse, Customer Says, "We enjoyed our experience! Everyone was friendly and accommodating. They spoiled our 3 yr old, which made the long day so much easier! Thank you so much!

David and Kristen B.
Kirksville, Missouri

Wheeling, Missouri, Chrysler Town & Country, Customer Says, "Polly was so helpful and accommodating. She worked with the finance team and service department to get the vehicle best suited for our family and a payment we could afford. The website made shopping so easy and i just emailed any questions or to schedule a test drive. So excited about our new van!"

Kerry and Benjaman S.
Wheeling, Missouri

Cameron, Missouri, Chrysler Town & Country, Customer Says, "Great people to work with."

Brian and Amanda T.
Cameron, Missouri

Liberty, Missouri, Dodge Charger, Customer Says, "The salesmen and service was excellent. The car was just as i hoped, especially since i drove a long ways to get here. I would definitely recommend Woody's to anyone."

Jeffrey and Eric M.
Liberty, Missouri

Fort Madison, Iowa, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Customer Says, "Very friendly and we drove 3 hours and the staff was great!"

Chase and Jaime S.
Fort Madison, Iowa

Fort Wayne, Indiana, F 350 King Ranch, Customer Says, "Everyone was pleasant and helpful."

Kevin K.
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Riley, Kansas, Dodge Challenger, Customer Says, "Fast, friendly and made sure we were well taken care of. Helped resolve issues we had before purchasing vehicle."

Aaron and Drisciall C.
Fort Riley, Kansas

Chillicothe, Missouri, Ford Escape, Customer Says, "Great service from both Polly and Neva! Thank you!"

Alex C. and Cameron H.
Chillicothe, Missouri

Chillicothe, Missouri, Chrysler Town & Country, Customer Says, "All sales associates were courteous and helpful!"

Franklin and Lorna B.
Chillicothe, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri, Dodge Journey, Customer Says, "Smooth process with a happy ending!"

Gregory and Jessica D.
Kansas City, Missouri

Kearney, Missouri, Ford Fusion, Customer Says, "Polly and Neva are the best to deal with ever. This is my third car from Woody's. Thanks Woody's!"

Timothy and Ty K.
Kearney, Missouri

Chillicothe, Missouri, Chevy Silverado, Customer Says, "We were able to get all the details and features of the vehicles on the website. That made it easy to "look" through the vehicles and compare models in the privacy and comfort of our own home. That made it easier when we were ready to buy."

Desiree and Steven C.
Chillicothe, Missouri

Carrollton, Missouri, Dodge Avenger, Customer Says, "Everyone was very nice. Took a while to finalize, but would recommend to anyone."

Zachary R.
Carrollton, Missouri