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Vehicle Hack: DIY Tip to Add a Touchscreen Tablet to Your Vehicle

With all the new Tech Features being released in cars these days, it’s no wonder you’ve probably caught a case of the “I need that car, so i can have that feature!” But, if your not quite ready to give up your old beater yet, there are options for you! For example, a few months ago Volvo released their new vehicle models which include complete tablets in the center console area. For most of us, purchasing a brand new Volvo is not necessarily feasible. But, with this simple trick and a tablet, you too can experience the same satisfaction that all those Volvo owners are probably experiencing right now!


  • Tablet of your liking. Remember, the bigger the tablet, the easier you will be able to see it when driving.
  • Data Connection Remember, your tablet must have a connection to Cellular Date in order to work in your vehicle.
  • Vehicle Tablet Mount Like This One that can easily be mounted to the seat, or front area. Where ever it will fit.
  • USB Connector To both charge and connect your vehicle to your vehicle, especially if your vehicle doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities.


Attach your vehicle tablet mount according to its specific instructions. Slide your tablet into the mount holder, connect its USB power cable, and then connect that cable to your car’s USB power adapter. You can also connect your tablet via Bluetooth if your vehicle has those capabilities. If necessary, power on your mobile hotspot or tether your smartphone to provide a data connection to the tablet. You can then stream music, connect to apps AND use your tablet’s tun by turn navigation system!

enter image description here

As you can see, it really is quite simple to get the high tech features you want in your vehicle, without actually having to buy a new vehicle! However, if you prefer an all around upgrade, Woody’s Automotive Group has several very affordable vehicles with touchscreen media centers already installed!