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February 25, 2015
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February 26, 2015
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It’s 2015! Who’s feeling a little rebellious?

by Mark Jenkins

Ram Rebel - Woodys

Every revolution is led by a rebel- the one who looks at the way it’s always been done and says “let’s do better”.  Rebels are rebels because of something deep within themselves- it’s an impulse, it’s who they are, it’s not something they can turn away from.  Rebels are active and edgy and extreme, and they need a truck to match their lifestyle.  Rebels love to spend their time on dirt bikes, side-by-sides, and jet skis.  They need that perfect traveling companion to help them get their gear into the dirt, mud, and water.  They need something that challenges the conventional pickup thinking.  Enter the 2015 RAM Rebel– the new authority!

Let’s face it- you’re styled a little differently than everyone else.  You lead a life that’s not for everyone. You should be driving a truck that’s distinctive and chisled out to fit the active lifestyle.  The Rebel’s air suspension is perfect adding a little extra clearance above the terrain and the 33″ all-terrain tires will make quick work of getting you and your gear to your destination.  The Rebel offers a recalibrated suspension that works in tandem with higher ride height and better off-road ability.  A set of fender flares that are reminiscent of the 2500 Power Wagon will keep those beefy tires safely tucked in, and the tonneau cover keeps your gear like helmets, vests, paddles, tents, and everything else safe.

Rebel Offers unique 17in wheels

Inside the rebel, you’ll be comfortably awaiting your adventures in the unique “tire-tread” pattern of the seats, and the easy clean-up seat backs and all-weather mats mean no worries about all the beautiful mud you’ll be getting into.

seat pic here

The Rebel will deliver both the fuel-sipping 3.6L V6 Pentastar mated to the proven 8-speed transmission, and the 5.7L V8 Hemi (for those with the bigger toys!).  Interested?  Check with the Woody’s Automotive Group today about what you can do to get your hands on one!  Woody’s is the RAM place in middle America, and it’s also the highest rated one-price dealer!