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Rain- Sensing Wipers!

This is a feature I choose to look into because it is one of those technical features that you arnt sure how handy it would really be. Is this feature worth having? In my own person opinion, yes I believe it is. Here’s some facts to update you on how the feature works so that YOU can decide for yourself!

  • The system uses and optical sensor mounted inside the vehicle to detect rain sleet or snow.
  • The sensors measures the level of reflected light over the windshield exterior surface to determine the amount of moisture present. Then it turns on the wipers to the appropriate speed.
  • Operation of these are very simple- Once you have enabled the system and a sensitivity setting (5 to choose from) as been sleeted there is no need to activate, or deactivate or adjust the wipers
  • The higher the sensitivity setting, the less moisture is allowed to accumulate on your windshield before the wipers will wipe.
  • You can switch it out of this feature in and out of manual use very easy.

enter image description here

Also, if you hit a puddle so for some reason your windshield is splashed with water your Rain sensing wipers can react quicker that using them manually.