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February 27, 2017
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March 3, 2017
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NEW Chrysler Pacifica Brings the Heat!!

It is truly crazy how technologically advanced our world is now. Not only in our homes but also in our vehicles. With the new Chrysler Pacifica’s you can do it all! Lets just take a look at all the features you can have with this family ride! enter image description here

  1. Tow Package— This is great for hauling this or that without having to use the gas guzzling truck.
  2. Stow N Go— With this feature you can actually put your seats from the 2nd and 3rd row down INTO the floor, giving you all that extra space to carry your cargo
  3. Stow N Vac— This is something new they have added. This is a vacuum that is always locked, loaded, and ready for action. It is hooked up inside your vehicle so you always have it. Perfect if you have children or pets in the vehicle!
  4. Third Row Seating— This is a common quality in family sized SUV’s but it is still a quality worth mentioning since it does give you 3 extra seats in your vehicle.
  5. Hardon Kardon Sound System— Most people LOVE their music. Not only adults but children as well. The Hardon Kardon Sound Systems is one of the best quality sounds you can get!
  6. Panoramic Sunroof— What a feature!! Not only is your sunroof larger than an ordinary sunroof BUT it also gives the 2nd row riders a moon-roof to watch!
  7. 360 Degree Camera— This camera is AMAZING! It lets you see completely around your vehicle at the touch of a button! You can also switch views to see different angles larger and closer up.
  8. Navigation— If you and your family enjoy traveling then Navigation is going to be very handy because instead of using your phone battery and internet you can type the address in your vehicle and it will get you there using the fasted route!
  9. Remote Start— No matter what climate zone you live in, the remote start can come in handy. You can start your car while standing at you kitchen window and that why by the time you go out to hope in it will be nice and warm or cooled off for you!
  10. Heated & Cooled Leather Seats— Both heated and cooled come in so very handy. In the winter you no longer have to worry about sitting on freezing cold seats and in the summer you don’t have to sit on the leather that is so hot it will burn you!
  11. Uconnect Theater System-– This feature is way cool! It’s the rear entertainment center for your backseat passengers/children. This has SO much to it! Not only can they share watching a movie on 2 different screens but one can watch a movie while the other uses the AV gaming imports. Also there are 3 screens that have pre-downloaded games on there for them. If you don’t think that’s cool then how about the fact that BOTH screens are TOUCH SCREEN!! WHOA!!
  12. Rear Leather & Heated Seats— These seats do not get the recognition that they should! I love this feature because now in those colder months your 2nd row passengers can have the tush warmers as well.

So there you have it. 12 features that are clearly AMAZING that come with these family sized SUV’s! =)