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July 9, 2015
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Mom’s Against MiniVans

By Lora Crouch


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Have you ever been one of those kids that would walk two blocks to be picked up by your Mom before you would ever be seen riding in a MiniVan? I remember those days! It was just as humiliating as riding the school bus! Well, thankfully times have changed and even though the MiniVan is more excepted these days doesn’t mean it is the only Mom vehicle out there!I have researched to see what the Top 5 Mom Rides are these days and this is what I came up with.

  1. Chevrolet Traverse LT: With the Third Row Seating you will have more room for those Chauffeur Days and it’s equipped with a Backup Camera for extra safety!
  2. Ford Flex Limited: The space is Outstanding and it doesn’t hurt that it does come with Heated Leather Seats!
  3. RAM 1500: Who said Mom could only drive Vans and SUV’s? Trucks give that added utility that is sometimes needed yet still provides the Space everyone seeks out!
  4. Ford Fusion Hybrid: This Sedan may seem small but it is extremely roomy as well as high in Safety! Of course 36 MPG is a dream in itself with all the extra running required on a daily bases!
  5. Kia Soul:Not only is it Fuel Efficient but it’s just plane ole fun!Even Mom’s deserve to have fun!

Which one of these 5 would you pick over a MiniVan? I for one am a Truck girl but it would be fun to try them all out! You can give them all a Test Drive here at Woody’s Automotive Groupand see which one fits you best!