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Minivan vs. SUV- Which is Right for Your Family?

These days there’s very little difference between the two in terms of features and safety. With the introduction of hybrid SUVs and the push for better fuel economy, the differences between SUVs and minivans grew just a little bit. Minivans now get slightly less than some SUVs (primarily hybrids and SUVs built on car frames rather than light truck frames). That’s really your biggest difference. So how does a young family determine which vehicle to buy?

How much space do you need?

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If you have one or two kids or if your kids are a little older (or taller), an SUV can be a good choice. The minivan is likely the better option if you have more children or especially young children. The advantage the minivan provides is the ability to move easily from the front seat to the back (as parents often must do) to deal with children, spilled drinks, and other such immediate issues.

Another thing that minivans offer that other vehicles may not is versatile seating! Family buyers should zero in on a minivan’s second-row seat, as each model generally offers some sort of unique configuration or feature that may benefit your family. Some rotate to face the third row, some stow into the floor (Stow N’ Go), some have built-in footstools, some features have removable center positions and some slide laterally to accommodate three-abreast child seats. All minivans now feature a third row that folds neatly into the floor, but the ease with which it performs this trick varies from model to model, as does the resulting passenger space.

Mitigating Damage

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If you’ve ever gone anywhere with kids who think they can open and close car doors themselves, then you’ll know that parking lots pose a uniquely specific risk. The one thing minivans clearly have that SUVs do not are sliding doors. Never again will you have to worry about your eight-year-old flinging their door into a neighboring BMW, or parking in the very farthest spots to avoid such incidents.


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As practical as the minivan is, some people can’t get past the vehicle’s main problem: image.

Minivans are probably the most useful vehicles around, but people just don’t want them because they’re not considered cool enough. Women don’t want to be pigeonholed as ‘soccer moms,’ and men, God forbid, can’t be seen in a minivan. It threatens their masculinity!

Apparently, minivans threaten a teen’s coolness factor, too.


So when you are looking into a family oriented vehicle that suits all of yours, and your families needs, you may want to put some of these factors into play. Even if you don’t like the look of the minivan, it may be more benefital for you to put that thought aside and focus on the more important factors to play, like safety, fuel efficency, and the all around space and storage options that the minivan offers, that no other vehicle does!

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