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May 18, 2015
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LOST and Can’t Find Your Car? We’ve got the solution!

Here’s a Quick Story:

Your on vacation in a big city. You opt to drive your own car instead of public transportation as it gives you more options and decide to go to the city center where the most hustle and bustle is. Since your not familiar with the city set up, you park in a parking garage not knowing that within two blocks of your garage, there are 10 other garages…all color coded. AND of course you forget to look at the garage “color code” when leaving your car, because who really thinks to do that? SO you see the sites that the city has to offer and decide to head back to your car. You head to the garage that you assume you car is in…ride the elevator to the assumed floor AND…SURPRISE! You car is nowhere to be found! The garage map informs you that ( news flash!) there are 10 other parking garages in your area. Thus, your journey begins… You walk, and walk and search and search some more, but to no avail. Two hours, 4 miles and a Jamba Juice stop later, you finally find your car…right where you left it. In the first garage you were at…on the wrong floor. The problem with this story is… it’s all true! So you ask yourself, “Self, what can I do so that this won’t happen again?” Well, it’s your lucky day because Woody’s Automotive Group has a phenomenal Life Hack to assist you with this problem.

It’s so simple:

When you park your car, open your cellular device’s GPS or Navigation System (Google Maps or Maps). Hit the drop pin button where your. You can Also download the App, iParkedHere which allows you to find your car via GPS. Then, when you go to find your car, simply open your GPS back up, and follow the direction of the pin! It’s that simple!

enter image description here

If you would like a GPS System in your car Please contact Woody’s Automotive Group and ask about car’s with GPS Systems OR About getting on installed in your current car!