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February 11, 2015
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February 13, 2015
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Look Ma’ No HANDS!!


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Bluetooth. No, No…Im not talking about new fangled teeth enhancements to turn your pearly whites blue.


Im talking about Bluetooth…the greatest thing to happen to our hands since sliced bread! That’s right…just like we stopped hand slicing bread…now we can control ALL of our devices in our vehicles without our hands!!! Sounds a little scary right?? Fumbling around your vehicle for CD’s, while talking on the phone, while holding it to your ear, ALL WHILE DRIVING is so last year. Gone are the days of confusing, cluttered and down-right dangerous driving. With Bluetooth, EVERYTHING is made easier. You may be saying to yourself…”Bluetooth in itself sounds confusing”. So lemme Explain a bit more in-depth about what all Bluetoothdoes exactly…


First you Must Pair your Bluetooth enabled Smartphone to your vehicles Bluetooth System. It is typically very simple, but each vehicle is different. Once paired, anything you want is at the tip of your tongue!


Are You a talker?? A chatter box?? Do people avoid you because you sound like a broken record and often times talk to yourself because no one else will listen??

Never drive in silence again!! One of the best features of Bluetooth is it’s Hand’s Free Voice activated Controls! Thats right…never get bored driving again…just talk to your Bluetoothand tell it exactly what you want! Just a few of Bluetooth’s Hands Free Features include:

Now with Bluetooth, instead of looking at your phone, your Bluetooth will read your text messages for you! It’s like having your own personal assistant 24/7!

Most, if not all new vehicles come with Bluetooth already in it. BUT, if yours doesn’t and you can’t quite bring yourself to trade in your old one, Bluetooth can easily be added to your vehicle! And remember…not all Bluetooth systems are created equally. Do your research ahead of time so you know exactly what each system offers! Contact us at Woody’s Automotive Group! OR contact our Parts Department Directly and talk to a specialist about adding Bluetooth into your vehicle!