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How to use Adaptive Cruise Control

By: Kaylee Myers & Suzzanne Nickell

Hey guys! In the video below we will talk about what Adaptive Cruise Control is and how it works! There are so many reasons why cruise control for cars/vehicles are important, BUT Adaptive Cruise Control is a TON better! Watch this short video and learn something new today!

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  1. What is adaptive cruise control? Adaptive Cruise control is a system that helps you accelerate and slow down automatically adjusting to the vehicle in front of you.
  2. How does adaptive cruise control work? Adaptive Cruise Control works the same as standard cruise control. The driver turns on the Adaptive Cruise Control button on the far left, then you can accelerate to the desired speed you want by pressing the “Set” button. It’s then possible to tweak the “+” and “-” buttons to raise or lower the speed, typically by in 1 or 5 mph increments. You can adjust the distance you want to be behind someone by using the middle and the far right button.
  3. What vehicles have adaptive cruise control? Most makes have Adaptive Cruise Control, it really depends on the packages and the special options that are installed, whether they are factory or after market.
  4. When did adaptive cruise control first come out? Believe or not the first vehicle that was installed with the Adaptive Cruise Control system was by the Japanese market introducing it into the 1992 Mitsubishi. They called it the Distance Warning!
  5. What are the benefits of Adaptive Cruise Control? Adaptive Cruise Control is beneficiary because it increases fuel efficiency, makes the driver more comfortable knowing the speed they are at and that they don’t have to slow down, speed up, or reset it, while allowing the vehicle to stick to a prescribed speed. Eliminating speeding tickets!


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