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September 21, 2017
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How To Make Wicked Witch Legs

Materials used:

Chicken Wire

Scrap cardboard

Modpodge glue


Spray paint

Old pair of shoes

Scrap wood

Pair of long black and white socks

How To Make these wicked witch legs:

  1. First cut scrap chicken wire to the length of legs. Making sure to add extra for “knee bend”. Then used scrap cardboard to create back section of the leg.
  2. Then used newspaper and old phone book pages to paper mache around the legs and then left to dry overnight.
  3. Spray painted a pair of shoes
  4. Cut a small scrap piece of wood to fit inside the shoe.
  5. Then took the piece of wood, put it inside the foot part of the sock, put that into the shoe then pulled the sock onto the leg
  6. Placed two pieces of scrap wood into the hedges and flipped the legs upside down onto the scrap wood stakes.