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November 25, 2014
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How Near is the Future?

By: Lora Crouch

The Future for Woody's

How near is the future really? This question sparked my interest while watching my favorite movie, Back to the Future Part II. Did you even realize that when they visited the future in the movie that it was the year 2015 and cars where flying everywhere! Well ladies and gentlemen, 2015 is just around the corner for us! So exactly how close are we to flying cars? After some extensive research I found that the 1st flying car is set to go on sale as early as 2015. WOW! How crazy is it, that this movie was produced in 1989, and held such predictions as this!

Flying car, Woody's future?

Here at Woody’s Automotive Group, Home of Zero Fees, we have a 2011 Nissan Leaf. If you ask me, this was the first sign of a futuristic car! I mean seriously, a car that doesn’t need gas to run, what??? That’s pretty Amazing! What are the benefits to purchasing an electric car you ask? The electric car is energy efficient and environmentally friendly among other things. These Great benefits help not just our wallet but also the earth! If you haven’t driven or even seen an electric car then you need to add this to your to do list and get to Woody’s today!

Woody's Nissan Leaf

So there are a few questions pondering my mind. Who will be the first to buy a flying car? Do you think we will have to have a Pilot’s License to drive/fly? Are you ready for what the future holds? These are the things that sparked an interest for me today.

Woody's Future