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November 28, 2014
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Hidden fee? That just ruined my day!

by Mark Jenkins

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So you’ve been doing a little #CarShopping and finally found the one you want… the perfect car!  You’ve done some research and you know exactly what the vehicle is worth and how much sales tax you’re prepared to pay.  You’ve been working with a salesperson at that big-city dealership, you’ve agreed on a price, and you’re ready to sign.  The pen is about to hit the paper and WHAM!  That’s not the number you agreed on!  They tell you it’s a “doc fee”, something that alot of dealerships charge to cover the cost of processing the vehicle’s paperwork.  This little last minute revelation could cost you several hundred dollars.

Is this one of the reasons people like to go to the dentist more than they like shopping for anew vehicle?  You bet it is.  If this looks more appealing to you than walking into a dealership, you’re not alone!

Woody's is better than the dentist

You’ve been haggling all morning on the price of the vehicle, you’ve gone back and forth about the value of your trade, and now you’re worn out.  This hidden fee is like kicking a guy when he’s down.  Shouldn’t the price of the vehicle cover the cost of selling the vehicle?  What’s the actual out-the-door price?  All of a sudden this has turned into a mess and it feels like you have to re-negotiate everything.

What if the actual out-the-door price was posted on the vehicle, with no hidden fees tacked on?  What if the dealership didn’t charge you a fee just for doing business with them? How easy would this be?  It would be like running to the grocery store and picking up a new car.  The Woody’s Automotive Group is the dealership that never charges a hidden fee, a document fee, or any other sneaky fees.  The up-front pricing gives you the opportunity to shop in a no-hassle environment so you can focus on getting the vehicle you really want.  Throw in the selection of over 1000 vehicles, and I’m not sure why you’d need to waste time anywhere else (unless you just like getting slimed, but that’s just weird!)

WowWoody's no hidden fees