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Helpful facts about Back-up Cameras

  1. The cameras are weather resistant.
  2. After putting your vehicle into reverse your camera will either display on your media center screen or in the corner of your rear-view mirror.
  3. Backup cameras are a tool of safety. The main purpose of this feature is to provide safety and protection for drivers.
  4. This feature is great for them first time drivers who are learning how to drive or even for the people who just don’t know how to backup very well.
  5. Lets say you sleep wrong and you have this awful pain in your neck, this feature can help you buy allowing you to be able to not turn your head as far!
  6. It’s economical and easy to install. Most vehicles come installed with them but if you have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee there’s a good chance it may not have one. People think the are expensive. That’s not true, they are so much more affordable today. My opinion is that it’s worth spending the money because in the long run, having that feature can save you money! Less chance of backing into another vehicle and causing your car insurance to go up. NO ONE likes that.
  7. If you notice your display from your camera is getting blurry or your screen looks black or brown, chances are that it’s probably dirty. No you do not have to take the time to clean your entire vehicle. Just simply take a soft piece of fabric and wipe the camera.
  8. Are you a farmer, camper, or maybe a construction worker? This feature is great so you can backup to them animals in that trailer, campers to sleep in, and boards to help build your neighbors deck.
  9. If your camera seems to be off board just check and make sure it’s in the correct position.
  10. LOOK behind you. SHIFT your vehicle into reverse. CHECK monitor.