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January 27, 2015
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Can’t decide? The 2014 Ford Fusion Energi vs. 2014 Toyota Prius

Ford Fusion for sale @WowWoodys Toyota Prius for sale @WowWoodys
2014 Ford Fusion vs. Toyota Prius
Head to Head!

by Mark Jenkins

It doesn’t matter how cheap the gasoline for your car is- you still want to burn as little of it as possible.  The fact is, burning gas = burning money, and I don’t know about you, but my money is too valuable for that nonsense.

If you’re considering becoming a hybrid owner in the future, do some research before hitting the dealership.  Hybrids have come a long way since they were first introduced to the showrooms in the 90’s, and now there’s alot more models and even types to choose from.  Not all hybrids are the same today, but they all have one thing in common- If you do lots of city driving and need to stretch your mpg’s between stoplights, then a hybrid might just be the car you’ve been looking for.

What car do you envision when you think “hybrid”?  Admit it- you were visualizing an ugly, uncomfortable little car that not only looks like a turtle, it’s probably just as fast.  I know that because that’s what I used to think too.  Times are different now and the evolution of these cars might just surprise you.  Even the stereotypical Toyota Prius isn’t what you think it is.  All the scare tactics and myths about those first hybrids, like unreliable battery packs and that hybrids can’t keep up with traffic have been debunked.

The Toyota Prius is your quintessential hybrid, combining a small gasoline engine and a battery pack to power the vehicle at low speeds and just to get the car moving.  The biggest MPG killer is the start-stop-start cycle, and these batteries really do a great job here.  Even the Prius C, the smallest and least expensive hybrid in the Toyota lineup, can still accomodate 5 passengers and still have room left over for your stuff.  What’s the best thing about a Prius? It’s the ultimate gas-miser, especially in town. How does 53mpg sound in all that stop and go traffic?  Music to my ears!  What’s the next best thing about a Prius? It’s affordable.  While it’s still true that hybrids may cost a little more up front, this Prius, with a little over 3000 miles weighs in with a price tag of only about $18,000.  It’s possible to find plug-in hybrids that can beat a Prius’ combined mpg score, but you certainly aren’t going to find one at this price point. Some of the fancy amenities and more luxurious features are absent in these cars, but so what? If you’re all about saving money at the pump, as well as saving money on the purchase price -well, step right up- the Prius is your new favorite car.

I’ve never driven a 1st generation Prius, but these new ones offer some pretty good grip on the road and decent body control over the bumps.  The next time you see somebody driving a Prius like it’s a turtle, just think to yourself , “they’re doing it wrong!”

The Ford Fusion Energi is a plug in hybrid that offers 3 selectible EV modes of operation, EV Now, Auto EV, and EV Later.  A plug in hybrid is capable of running at high speeds for longer periods of time (20+ miles) on just battery power and never burning a drop of gasoline.

  • EV Now mode uses mostly plug-in power until the batteries can no longer handle it, and then the engine kicks in.
  • Auto EV mode uses a combination of plug-in power when possible, and changes over to the gasoline engine when it’s needed.
  • EV Later mode will save the stored plug-in power for later.  You may commute to a larger city everyday and want to use the engine to cruise at highway speeds on your way to work, but then switch to the plug-in power once you hit all the stop and go traffic.  Brilliant!

Why is this so cool it gives me chills? I believe this window sticker says it all:  a combined 88mpg when using electricity + gasoline!  What else is nice?  Take another look at the price on that sticker and then take a look at the savings on this Ford Fusion Energi with a little over 4,700 miles:  that $8000+ savings is nothing to sneeze at.

Here’s where we go back to the point about not all hybrids being the same.  If you’re into saving fuel, but still want to be comforted a little by a nice interior with heated seats and some quality tech like a touchscreen media center, you are definitely not out of luck. As long as you’re willing to pay a little more up front, your car can be as comfy as you want it to be- but that’s true of any vehicle type: gas, diesel, hybrid- doesn’t matter.

Both the Toyota Prius and the Ford Fusion Energi are great choices for everyday drivers interested in saving fuel and saving money, but if you need something other than a car, remember that hybrids come in all shapes and sizes – cars, trucks, & SUV’s!  the Woody’s Automotive Group is your hybrid headquarters in middle America!  Find out why we meet customers from all over the country everyday at!