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Frozen? Just Let It Go

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Blogpost Auto Buzz Car

It’s been a long winter – and it’s not over

Blogpost Auto Buzz Car

Let go of scraping ice off your vehicle. Here are a few tips to help make your winter mornings a little less stressful.

Frozen lock? All you need is a straw and hand sanitizer! Use the straw to blow on the lock and the ice will begin to melt!

Blogpost Auto Buzz Lock

Foggy Windows? No problem! Just use some shaving cream to make them fog-proof!!

….or just put some cat litter in a sock! It seriously works!

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Frozen Mirror? Put a gallon-sized plastic bag over your mirrors at night. It will prevent them from freezing! Genious!

Blogpost Auto Buzz Frozen Door

Need a Quick de-icer? All you need is vinegar and water!

Blogpost Auto Buzz Frozen Car Ev Heating Hypermiling

Tires Stuck? Use a piece of cardboard to help get traction!

Blogpost Auto Buzz Stuck

Don’t let winter control you – Control winter

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