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Ford F-150 VS Chevrolet Silverado 1500

When it’s time to go truck shopping why not make it easier by narrowing it down to which vehicle fits your needs better? With every vehicle you look at there is always a reason you want that specific body type, so you already have a general idea of what your looking for. When it comes to a truck you usually wanna know how much power and fuel efficiency it has as well as what technology it brings to the table. And lets not forget how it will benefit your everyday use and protect you as well as your family. When it comes to Ford VS Chevythere is a lot that you have to weight out and pick and choose through.

  • POWER:

With a Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ Z71 you are only looking at 355 horsepower with 383lb-ft of torque. When with a Ford F-150 Lariat you are going to get more like 385 horsepower with 387 lb-ft of torque. BUT you are also going to get 11,100 lbs of towing capacity with the Silverado which is pretty impressive, compared to the F-150 which has 8,900 lbs of tow capacity. Fuel Efficiency is also something to take into consideration as well when vehicle shopping. Luckily, it isn’t something that is going to really pull you in either direction with these two trucks though because the Ford gets between 15 and 22 MPG and the Chevy gets between 16 and 23.


Everyone wants the newest and the greatest with technology. Especially when it comes to their vehicles!! This is also where these trucks differ in a lot of ways. With the Ford newest technology consists of: Pro Trailer Backup Assist– A button that you can turn in the direction you want the trailer to go the truck will help put it right where you need it. A newer Entertainment Center called SYNC®3– New touchscreen, quicker response, enhanced voice recognition, and easier to understand graphical interface. Dynamic Hitch Assist– It adds a blacked dotted line in between the 2 assist lines that show you exactly where your ball hitch is headed so you can line it up without having someone there to help. With the Chevrolet the newest consists of: Onstar RemoteLink: This is a mobile app that lets you control many of your vehicles features from YOUR PHONE! Wireless Charging: You can lay your mobile device on a cordless charging pad that is built into the center armrest.


The big thing that people really like to compare though is the safety features that the vehicle brings to the table! Rather it is going to be your work truck, or your everyday truck, you are still going to want the features that will prevent any distractions from the road as well as protect yourself and family from any issues caused by surrounding drivers. Such as Blue Tooth Streaming Voice Communication, Front and Rear sensing systems, and so on and so forth. Now both of these vehicles of course have a lot of the common safety features as well as features from the previous years and advancements. But, the 2016 newest safter features consist of— The Chevy has Forward Collision Alert, which warns you if your about to crash into another vehicle as well as emergency breaks for you! Also it has Lane Keeping Assist which is where the vehicle detects you are leaving your lane and alerts you! Another really good one that the Chevy provides is a safety cage made of high strength steel surrounding everyone in the vehicles. The Ford also brings a lot of great safety points though as well. It gives you the Curve Control, which in a nut shells keeps everything evened out for you if you have entered a curve to quickly or anything like that.


It also has a fully boxed frame features eight crossmembers (five through-welded) made of up to 78 percent high-strength steel (up from 23 percent in the previous generation). The 2016 Ford is said to be the safest Ford EVER, which quite an accomplishment!

So there you are in a nutshell. Both of these are so amazing in their own ways! They each have so many different pro’s and con’s that it all comes down to which one weighs out in YOUR own personal benefits? Which one brings to the table everything YOUR looking for in a truck? Which one is going to make YOU and YOUR family happy? More questions? You can always go to and check out our inventory where there are all types of different trucks that you can also look through! As well as watch our fancy smansy online test drive, where we walk you though all the amazing features about each and everyone of our vehicles front to back!