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Cross Path Detection

Have you ever backed-up with a blindfold on? If so, you know you’re going to be crashing into all kinds of object! So why, would you back up when you can’t see what’s coming or what’s behind you? You won’t have to worry about this will Cross Path Detection! Why? Because you’ll be alerted on what’s coming your way so you can avoid running over or crashing into stuff! Check out the video below to see Cross Path Detection in action!

Below are a few popular questions that you should know about Cross Path Detection.

  1. What are other names for Cross Path Detection?
    [- Rear Cross Path Detection
    – Cross Path Detection
    – Rear Cross Traffic Alert
    – Rear Cross Path System][2]
  2. What is Cross Path Detection? Cross Path detection is a sensing system that will help you back out of hard to see parking spots.
  3. How Does Cross Path Detection work? Cross Path detection works by having sensors on the back of your vehicle. The sensors will alert you if there is an object that has been detected. The alert can be a vibrating seat, beeping sounds, or even a triangle on your side view mirror that will turn yellow or orange.
  4. Does Cross Path detection apply the brakes for you? Cross Path Detection does NOT apply the brakes for you.5
  5. When is Cross Path Detection more effective? Cross Path Detection is more effective when you are backing straight out of a straight parking spot. The parking spots that are angled are more difficult for the sensors to detect a vehicle that is crossing behind you.

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