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February 14, 2019
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February 28, 2019
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Chrysler History 1924-2019

Chrysler History 1924- 2019

The first Chrysler cars were introduced on January 5, 1924, at the New York Automobile Show. One year before Chrysler Corporation itself was created.


These cars, launched by Maxwell Motors, had a six-cylinder, high-compression engine, carburetor air & four/wheel hydraulic brakes.


1926 Chrysler was making 1,250 cars a day. Some of the new features of the 1926 Chrysler were rubber engine mountings, rubber spring shackles & adjustable front seats!


In 1940 Chrysler adopted the new sealed beam headlights which gave over 50% more light in high beam.


In 1946-48 Chrysler Town & Country had a custom body vehicle that had mahogany panels securely attached to metal plates. So that the roof could be on or taken off. Later it was known as the first hardtop.


In 1955 Chrysler 300’s made an appearance. Now one of most FAMOUS Chrysler Models.   It was given the title “300” in honor of its being the only stock car of its time wielding 300 brute horsepower.

A Chrysler 300 won NASCAR’s 1955 G.N. going 92.05 mph!

Skipping ahead some years. When you think about how technology has allowed us to create the unthinkable. Vehicles themselves almost drive alone! You can set limits for your children who drive in some of the Chryslers with Keysense. Safety options just keep coming, Blind Spot Monitoring, Cross Path Detection, Lane Departure Warning, Navigation, Backup Sensors, Backup Camera, 360 Camera & so much more. The options are unbelievable and just at the touch of our hands! It is amazing what Safety and Technology our vehicles have in store for us in today’s time.

            Check out what 2019 has to offer us now! Chrysler Pacifica a Van for the whole family! Also rated #1 vehicle of the year by children in the US. The options don’t end with just fitting the whole family in them. You have Uconnect Rear Entertainment, Hands-Free Liftgates for when your hands are holding precious cargo.

Maybe you need more space for moving or that next adventure coming up! Stow N’ Go is an option you have now instead of taking two cars!

 Looking at today’s Chrysler 300’s is just as amazing as the Pacifica’s. They have safety features that keep you at ease on long trips or just in general when life happens.

Don’t settle on your next purchase with your vehicle. Find something you feel safe in, comfortable, sporty & something you know that is equipped with all of your want’s & needs for your future. Take a peek at the Chryslers we have in store for you!,desc+viewType=grid

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