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Chevy Malibu VS Toyota Camry

By: Sidni Huff & Tia Smith Man oh man, what a tricky tricky decision this could be! Malibu VS Camry? Some think they are both great and some just don’t like either. I personally love them both because they each have their own great features about them as well as a sleek look to their body style! I think these two are the top choice for mid-size sedans! But, the only way to decide between the two of them is to just break each one down plain and simple and figure out which one fits YOU! The top 3 questions asked about Sedans are 1)Price 2)Style 3)Technology & Safety Features. So lets go through those and compare a little.

$$PRICE$$ A 2016 Chevy Malibu with a basic package (L) is going to be around $22,000 brand new when a Toyota Camry with a basic package (LE) is going to cost just a little more around $23,000.

~~STYLE~~ The 2016 Chevy Malibu has been redesigned inside and out! It has so many new features added to it since the previous years. This sweet ride has a revised interior and updated powertrains! As far as the 2016 Toyota Camry is got its updates in 2015, therefore, there are not as many ‘brand new’ features brought to the table this year!!enter image description here

TECHNOLOGY & SAFETY FEATURES Both of these two family sized Sedans have several of the newest, coolest, updated features. Both of these will offer you a large touch screen media center. As well as Blue Tooth Streaming Auto and wireless charging!
When it comes to safety these two are neck and neck also. They both offer basically all the newest features. The Malibu is so new that is has NOT done any of the crash testing BUT when we you weigh out all of the features of both vehicles it does lead us to believe these two are 2 of the safest mid-sized sedans out there! HUGE PLUS! So when you look at the ranking as far as safety features and technology they bring to the table it really is a tie between the two! enter image description here

So there you have it. From what we have gathered doing our own research both of these are AMAZING vehicles for an individual or even a small family. The only thing that you can base this decision on really is, which vehicle do you like the look of better because that is really the biggest difference in the two! Both very advanced as far as technology and safety features and both sit at a great price even brand new.

Here is a few of our video walk around’s to watch on these two vehicles. Or if you would like to look into more of these vehicles with different packages or colors, as well as features and body styles feel free to check out our website at where we have OVER 1,000 great vehicles to choose from! enter image description here