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January 10, 2017
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Buying A Used Car, Kansas City MO

Browsing around for deals on affordable used cars in Kansas City MO? Buying used comes with numerous advantages such as a lower overall cost, more affordable insurance rates and less depreciation.

A brand new car can depreciate significantly during the first 12 months of ownership. On the other hand, used vehicles lose their value much slower which makes them a good buy in terms of monetary savings. Registration also tends to be more affordable with used vehicles. However, used autos do require an emissions inspection at a nominal cost.

Buying used allows the buyer to upgrade to a more high-end trim level or pick a vehicle with more luxurious features at nearly the same price as a new vehicle. In order to get a good deal, consult KBB in order to find the true market vehicle of a vehicle. It’s also a good idea to view the vehicle’s Carfax report if available in order to view the number of previous owners, accidents, service records and other pertinent information. The detailed service records will allow you to see if the vehicle has been properly maintained and serviced. Some dealers will be able to provide you with more detailed service information not available in the Carfax report.

Woody’s Automotive Group offers a large selection of used vehicles to choose from.

Ask our associates about our used Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram cars in Kansas City MO.