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Blind Spot Monitoring

Have you ever been driving down the road and went to get over and did not see that there was in fact a vehicle beside you in your blind spot? Maybe a highway incident?? Well there is now a fancy technology to help you with that and this is what it does

This feature will warn you if a car or sometimes other objects is in your left or right blind spot. Your warnings will appear in your side view mirrors or in the windshield frame. Some advanced versions of this feature may give you an audible warning (or other type of warning) if you use your turn signal and there is a vehicle in your blind spot.

Some extra helpful tips and facts with this technology is:

  • Make sure that your blind spot monitor’s sensors are not blocked by moisture, snow, dirt or other material.
  • Read your owner’s manual for more information on what the blind spot monitor’s various warnings mean.
  • Blind spot monitors are optimized for highway driving and highway speeds; they may not work as well with slow-moving or extremely fast vehicles.
  • Some blind spot monitors are not optimized to detect motorcycles, bicycles or pedestrians. This is why you should always look over your shoulders to check your blind spots before making a lane change.