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April 3, 2017
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April 6, 2017
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Back-Up Camera!

I don’t think people really take in the true appreciation of having a Back-Up Camera! They come in handy for SO many different reasons!

1) If you have children or animals this is a PERFECT safety features to keep a perfect view backing-up if they are out running around because it may be difficult to see small things like that by just looking over your shoulder.

2) If you have children it will also prevent running over their toys.

3) If you are driving a large vehicle it helps keep a view while reversing.

4) If you are backing out of a spot in a busy parking lot it will help you see if any vehicles are coming up behind you.

And that is just a small few of what it does as a safety feature!

Sometime you view them in your media center screen and others in your rear-view mirror

This is a feature that is becoming a standard feature in new vehicles and I for one can totally see why!