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December 16, 2013
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December 16, 2013
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Important Safety Rules For DIY’ers

This Tech Tuesday Tip is for those of you who want to take on the challenge of repairing your own vehicle Make sure you follow these important safety rules! And remember, if you can’t figure it out or you get really frustrated, our FABULOUS Service Department is here for you!

  1. Don’t smoke while you are working on your car.
  2. Never work on your vehicle unless the parking brake is on, the gearshift is in park or neutral, and the engine is shut off (unless it needs to be running for your work)
  3. Be sure that the parts of the engine you are working on are cold so that you don’t get burned.
  4. Never jack up a vehicle unless the wheels are properly blocked.
  5. Use insulated tools for electrical work.
  6. Before using a wrench or ratchet on a part that seems to be stuck, make sure that if it suddenly comes loose, your hand won’t hit anything. To avoid the possibility of bruised knuckles, pull on wrenches rather than push them whenever possible.
  7. Before working on your car, take off your rings, tie, long necklaces, and other jewelry. Also, don’t forget to tie back long hair!! (You don’t want it to get pulled out!!!!)
  8. Know that gasoline is extremely dangerous to have around. Not only is it toxic and flammable, but the vapor in an empty can can be explosive enough to take out a city block!
  9. Work in a well ventilated area. If possible, work outdoors in your driveway, your backyard, or in a parking lot. If you have to work in a garage, keep the door open.
  10. Keep fire extinguishers handy. Place one in your garage and the other under the front seat of your vehicle. (Be sure to secure it with a bracket that will prevent it from rolling under the pedals)

We hope that these essential rules will help to keep you and your family safe as you rebuild, remaster or repair any vehicle!