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January 25, 2016
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5 Car Hacks to Survive Winter

Winter is Here and with that comes Beautiful, but sometimes hazardous Snow and Ice! Survive Winter with these 5 Car Hacks to make you have a safer, stress free driving experience!

1. Raise your Windshield Wipers – This will cause your wipers to NOT get stuck to your windshield, thus making that morning commute SO MUCH EASIER!

2. Put Cat Litter in a Tube Sock – Why? Cat Litter instantly absorbs any excess moisture in your car, including fogged over windows. Keep a couple socks stuffed with cat litter throughout your vehicle.

3. Cat Litter – Speaking of cat litter, you may as well keep an entire package of cat litter in your vehicle. It can be extremely useful when your car is stuck. Just sprinkle some cat litter on the impaired tire(s), making the tire gain traction getting you out of that slippery situation.

4. Ziplock Your Mirrors – Place Ziplock bags over your outdoor mirrors, so when it freezes, your mirrors will be completely ice free in the morning!

5. Sandbags – Do FWD vehicles and ice make you have a panic attack? Panic No more… Fix that problem buy placing several sandbags in the bed of your truck or car to help with traction!

Having Concerns about the Safety of Your Vechicle in Winter? Chat with one of our Certified Technicians at Woody’s Automotive Group for any questions your may have!